Yucatan Lions, champions of the 2022 Mexican Baseball League

The third time was the charm! After two failed attempts in the recent season Mexican Baseball League, Lyons de Yucatana They are S. prevailed in the seventh game ofking series 2022, at 6-1 sultan of monterey And, with this, he secured his fifth title in history. a Henderson Alvarez On the mound he guided the way of the long-haired Zachila Cup.

It was two years of agony for Yucatecan Novena, they came and stayed close (Monclova 2019 and Tijuana 2021), However, this 2022 was made for the long-haired men to be crowned again, enabling their franchise to showcase their best years in Mexican baseball.

work for Yucatan It was not easy, because on the mound of sultans the figure was Yohander Mendez, The Venezuelan pitcher who didn’t see the loss up close in 2022. In the first innings itself, Jose Martinez hit a double that went in coarse norbert Up to the plate to play the first race of the night in favor of long hair.

The Yucatecan rebellion against the season’s best pitcher continued in the third roll, this was from Wood Wood. cafecito martínez again, who returned to hit a single, which again went in thick In an authentic copy of what happened in the opening entry.

party of martínez Followed in the seventh roll. Venezuela added the ball and sent three more runs into the visitors’ account, however, all did not end there, as Walter Ibarra He joined the entire club fair and sent it into the field of the bullpen to make it 6–0, which was practically impossible for the Royals.

zoilo almonte keep the oxygen tank sultans And prolonged the agony with a powerful hit that went into the stands, but the story is over and George Rondon confirms that another high-quality relief that killed expectations. Gray Ghost.

Yucatan Lions They get their fifth title in history, starting with the dynasty, because in recent five years, they are the best performing team within the Diamonds and the most stable when it comes to fighting for the title. Huh.

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