Willie Hernangomez’s blow to the table: an MVP of EuroBasket to prove himself in the NBA

According to Rae Bareli proof is one “Clear and clear certainty that cannot be doubted”, that is, an irrefutable fact that something is in a concrete way. Even then, The evidence is not always shared by most of the seeing eye, more when it comes to professional sports, which is amplified in these times. This comes from the hand of constant questioning, constant distrust and pointing out errors in order to tamper with something or someone’s qualities. This means that despite the fact that the facts exist, that the data values ​​a reality, there are still people who question the most obvious evidence, despite the redundancy.

Only when reaching the extreme is enough to deny reality to be too silly, can it be confirmed that, in fact, the evidence is so.

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EuroBasket 2022 of Willie Hernangomez It has worked fine to show that his personal progress as a player has reached the highest point imaginable with him. And that’s from the moment he made the jump to the NBA Madrid man has to live with public opinion questioning his every move, each of its actions and, in general, its entire trajectory. Away from all that noise, Hernangomez’s eldest has followed an ascending line, always focused on individual work and following the coach’s instructions.

Thus becoming the central figure of a Spanish team that has won its fourth European Championship in its history, The first gold of the national team without the name Gasol in the template. a result that is not by chance, but is the result of a plan by the Federation to progressively give streaks to a young player until he becomes One of the most decisive offensive axis on the old continent, The latter, which can be seen as a beneficial read in light of the results, is not. Out of all current EuroBasket players whose average is More than 15 points and more than 5 rebounds meeting alone Luca Doncic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Laurie Markkanan and Willie Hernangomez arriveleast Quarter Finals. The rest, names such as Jonas Valenciunas, Nikola Jokic, Jusuf Narcic, Domantas Sabonis or Rudy Gobert, fell out of the way in the qualifying table or did not reach the same figure as those inside. New Orleans Pelicans.


When analyzing Hernangomez, there is a trend mention in a single sentence his talent aggressive and their weak points at the other end of the field. as if it was necessary to find one constant balance between positive and negative of player. The backpack that Willie has been carrying for a long time has deterred many from seeing a full picture of him A player who has improved significantly in a short period of time to get to where he needs to step up most, All this while not disregarding his attacking fundamentals, which led him to finish EuroBasket as the 10th highest average scorer (17.2 points). Practically the same figure (17.4) as Pau Gasol in the 2017 bronze medalist, who was also 10th.

Which is why it’s worth stopping by to shed light on the outstanding championship signings the New Orleans Pelicans Center has signed. A tournament, which is far from gold, is explained through numbers because Willie has been the second player with the best success percentage in execution. pick and roll With 2 conversions per 2.8 attempts, Which equates to 72.7% accuracy in a ranking filled with leading names:

Situation player pick and roll per match % of success in pick and roll
1 Nikola Jokic 1.5 out of 2.0 75%
Two Willie Hernangomez 2.8. of 2 72.7%
3 mike kotsari 1.4 of 2 70%
4 mike tobey 1.8 out of 2.7 68.8%
5 Rudy Goberte 1.5 out of 2.3 66.7%
*minimum two pick and roll On average per game, InStat . According to

Hernangomez’s offensive prowess at EuroBasket ahead of the start of the impending NBA 2022-2023 season is the best evidence that at 28 he is in a position to not only play a more important role, but to become a key player. Pelican Network. If the key to the current game is in transition and contribution to a direct block, Willie has the best possible number left in both categories, contributing 2.00 and 1.4 points per possession respectively in the tournament.

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This course is going to be very important for Willy Hernangómez in the NBA. After taking the risk of joining the Pelicans in 2020 with a minimal contract, the Madrid native soon established his continuity in the league for three seasons, with a definite asterisk. and that in this 2022-2023 pelican Will have to decide for next season as they have aA team option of 2.5 million. Most common in these cases is that the franchisee declines it and then negotiates a longer extension, but given the long-term salary situation in New Orleans, that’s impossible to venture into.

The reality is that to find the first EuroBasket MVP outside the NBA you have to go back to Juan Carlos Navarro, a case with an asterisk if he exists. Therefore, Gregor Fuca was the last player away from the American League who was not an international basketball star. That’s why this tournament and this award in particular represent a blow to the table by Willie Hernangomez, who has confirmed his personal level is clear and his moment is now.

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