William Levy Feels Grateful and Proud That His Son Could Play Baseball After Accident

For William Levy Seeing his son back on the baseball field, after the accident in 2020, is a matter of great joy and more than enough reason to feel proud.

The Cuban actor shared a video of him on his Instagram profile Christopher Alexander Levy playing a game, first with the bat and then receiving out on a first basis.

“Thank God for giving this champion a chance to return to the baseball diamond he loves most,” Levy wrote in the post.

hero of lady-scented coffee He once again did not miss the opportunity to thank all those who supported his family during that time.

“Thank you to all who sent their good energy through difficult times and offered their prayers to our boy. May God bless you and our children always,” he said.

In the text, the actor also recalled that he was very proud of his champion: “You have come a long way. You are an inspiration”.

In October 2020, Christopher was in an accident While he was driving a golf cart, he overturned, and suffered serious injuries to one of his legs, for which he underwent emergency surgery.

However, the teenager who was not yet 15 years old at the time, He later had to undergo four other surgeries. And months of rehabilitation because he had no mobility in his knee after the intervention.

A year after the accident, William Levy and his former partner and Christopher’s mother, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Celebrated his son’s return to the baseball field after his recovery.

On more than one occasion both parents have made public through social networks how proud they are of their son And how far he has come with his efforts.

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