Was heir to the Gasols and was also in the NBA

«We are two brothers who come from a humble family from Las Rojas, a city in Madrid. our family has put in us certain values ​​with which through work, effort and sacrifice Dreams have to be fulfilled. We had always dreamed of playing basketball, we never thought we could play in the ACB, we never thought we could be in the NBA for seven years and we just continued to work in the shadows, our jobs. Trust and take advantage of opportunities. It’s a dream for us to play in the national teamBeing the world champion, now having been the European champion with my brother. You have to keep dreaming, with effort and sacrifice anything can be achieved, You are the only one who sets boundaries and constraints,

speech this implies Willie HernangomezThe best player in EuroBasket. it talks about him, his story and his his brother juanchoThe undisputed figure in the final was won by Spain against France in which he became king of the triples. Both are European champions who have been with the basketball team in recent years in a return to family victories. The two brothers continue to win with Spain and are not Gasol.

Willie Hernangomez, EuroBasket MVP, in collaboration with NowitzkiAFP

Hernangomez is revealed in this EuroBasket. Both are already recognized players More than five years in the NBA, Willie, the oldest, is on the New Orleans Pelicans; At Juancho, Toronto Raptors. Both have shown that the Gasols had a consistency and, like them, they were in the NBA. Although Madrid are far from the Catalan’s stupendous global achievements, what has become clear is that this Spain can win ahead of Gasol and the Hernángómez saga—the greatest being 28 years old—was relief In a team for history.

Willie has undoubtedly been the benchmark for the Scariolo team. This was expected ahead of the tournament and has thus fulfilled its role as a leader. it was Named EuroBasket MVP, the individual award is limited to only the greatest (Nowitzki, Gasol, Parker…). He signed a remarkable performance against France in the final, with 14 points and 8 rebounds, and it was not one of his best games. He finished the championship with 17 points and about 7 rebounds per game. Willy was the face of Spain in those moments when he stumbledTough moments against Lithuania, in the round of 16, against Finland in the quarter-finals and Germany in the semi-finals. Of all these meetings, the eldest emerged Hernangomez, whose second exponent had reserved a great final.

Juancho Hernangómez was the king of the triples in the final against FranceAFP

And it is that Juancho, who had been more ‘shy’ in the tournament, was eliminated in the final, Unforgettable would be his four trio in which he inspired all the Spaniards to exercise in a matter of minutes: they got up to celebrate a third, they sat down to continue watching the game and they – with great pleasure – had to get up before What was that Juancho doing? Four triples in a row and seven in the end in nine attempts overall. It was the festival of this Hernangomez who was the top scorer in the final: 27 points, almost twice his best performance in the rest of EuroBasket.

“It hasn’t been a way to rose on a personal level, with complex moments that help enjoy these happy moments,” Juancho said after the final. As the match ended, and when he announced over the loudspeaker that his brother Willie had been voted the player of the tournament, Tears fell from his eyes. Everyone saw her crying. The reaction was as simple as it was exciting. The response, in a certain way, was what all Spaniards received from their homes: a feeling of Spanish basketball’s most famous victories,

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