Victim of brutal baseball bat attack speaks out – NBC Los Angeles

A South Florida man was brutally beaten up in an incident that makes no sense, because he was not even robbed.

“I fear for my life”, how a 62-year-old cook of Chinese descent feels after being beaten up on his way home from work. Everything was captured in surveillance camera.

Qin Pang says, “I didn’t know how it happened and he kept hitting me and hitting me, and then I defended and he fronted everything. I turned and hit me again, I couldn’t see, Defending with my hand and hand, he hit me till the last, blood came out and I shouted for help and the neighbors came out”.

At that point, the attacker appears in what appears to be a video of the August 6 attack.

“I don’t have (enemies), I’ve never argued with anyone here or outside, it’s doubtful, I don’t know if it’s because of race or color or any criminal.”

Video in which a man of about 5ft 9in who never speaks English or Spanish to her and leaves without stealing anything from her. Now these images are the only clue they now have to find them.

Pang shows us these photos with former Venezuelan presidents, whom he says he cooked in a country where he continued to cook and work during his emigration from China before coming to the United States in 1989. Huh.

“I have been working and working in this country for 32 years so that they kill me, I had no problem with anyone and I am a good worker working 10 hours, 11 hours every day.”

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