They catch an alleged cougar roaming the Cadreta school

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cadreta jimenez, – The presence of an alleged puma has alerted residents of the San Juan community Cadreta Jiménez, Nuevo León,

A resident of this city famous for the cradle of baseball in Mexico saw this animal.

The woman only managed to record the cougar in a 16-second video, where you can see how the cat walks around a community school.

“Good morning everyone, just now at 5:20 am we apparently ran into a cougar in front of the school and it went towards Mrs. Juani Mata’s land, we could not take a good picture because of the impression, but be careful, Alerted a woman identified as Marie Salazar this past Monday, September 19.

In addition to the video, a photo was published where this carnivore can be seen, but from behind, however, the postcard shows an animal of the color that is traditionally in the puma: red.

Photo of Puma in San Juan, Cadreta.

The fact that a cougar has been sighted seems to have come as no surprise to another San Juan resident who has seen it before.

The memes were immediate and another resident of the community above joked with the fact, pointing out that San Juan is not only baseball land, but cougars too.

The meme about the puma seen in the Cadreata.

Relevant facts about cougar

The puma is a species of North American feline, it can measure from one meter to 5 centimeters with 95 to one meter in length; However, females are usually smaller.

They are also known as mountain lions, they are agile, fast and although they are considered harmless against people, they often wreak havoc against domestic animals.

They are still a wild animal, so it is recommended not to approach them and call environmental experts quickly to handle the situation and move the mammals to a habitat away from families.

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