The uniform and logo of the Cuban Baseball Elite League look like this –

The First Cuban Baseball Elite League already has its own visual identity, with similar designs that come with the Teammate brand, which sponsors the island’s teams.

An information reviewed by Jit gave an account of the visual identity for the event starting on October 8, which featured six teams, in yet another attempt by the managers to increase the quality of the ball.

“A color range has been set up for each team, namely tobacco growers (green), port workers (blue and brown), central (orange), ranchers (blue and yellow), farmers (green and brown) and coffee producers ( black and red). ”, indicates the report.

“In addition, uniform designs were presented for each of the artists, created in conjunction with the Teammate brand, which serves the event and sponsors the island’s national teams,” he explains.

It was revealed that each team would have two home club kits, “predominantly white (1) and gray (2), and a visitor with their identifying colors.”

In addition, “travel, lounge and training clothing will be common to all teams on the occasion, based on blue, gray and black with the visual identity of the event involved”.

Jit elaborated that Design Inder was in charge of the communications team in coordination with teammates.

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