The Other NBA’s Europe, by Santi Nola

This is family and another (Lorenzo Brown). He has broken everyone’s plans. Even the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which ranked Spain seventh on the list of favourites, ended up tweeting “Okay, Spain got us too”, as if to say they too. Stay together, admitting your mistake. The data has been swallowed up by the middle class. Jokic, Donsik or Antetokounmpo, water. Neither Serbia nor Slovenia nor Greece nor Lithuania are the first four in the FIBA ​​rankings to win the EuroBasket. In the final, France, fifth, and Spain, champion, seventh. FIBA was like that populist economist was predicting before the great crisis: they didn’t even smell it.


The Hernangomez brothers kiss the trophy that recognizes them as European Basketball Champions

Michael Sohn / AP

The European was Hernangomez, a surname that recalls the time of Mio Sid. The two brothers who have turned the gasoles into a team nicknamed Family and who have signed another: Lorenzo Brown, Maccabi’s North American, who was never seen drinking coffee with milk in the main square, but in One of the best was the impressive team built by coach Sergio Scariolo. One singles player from Madrid, captain Rudy, and none from Barca. Can anyone imagine this in a football team with an Italian coach?

The family team and another successfully convert the gasoles for Hernangomez.

Behind the shining stars is another NBA. Willie (28 years old) and Juancho (26) are heroes neither in the New Orleans Pelicans nor in the Toronto Raptors. He is a secondary actor in the American League, but he was the MVP of the Finals (Juancho) and the Tournament (Willie). The NBA won the group’s effort, humility, solidarity and courage. Juancho hits seven triples and Willie sets the hall on fire with some brilliant teammates. He is the rotation player on his NBA teams. They will never star in the All Stars kickoff, as the wonderful Gasols did, but they have conquered a European by obscuring the stars and becoming a serious candidate for the Brotherhood Relay in Brothers Basketball.

Lorenzo is one of the Brown family. Quickly nationalized, without knowing a foothold in Spain except basketball games, it was the piece that first generated the most controversy and later the most consensus. Earlier almost no one supported this decision and almost everyone accepted it after seeing gold hanging from the neck.

But controversy aside, the federation’s president, Jorge Garbajosa, may be overjoyed: nine teams, among full men and training guys, have reached nine finals this impressive summer, winning three golds and five silvers in a historic success. definitely irreversible. The sub-20 team also won its European. It seems that there is relief in relief as well.

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