The NBA evaluates 18-year-old players including

The NBA plans to introduce new changes over the next few years and their main aim will be to give 18-year-olds a chance to be a part of the league.

At present, the age limit to enter nba It is 19 years old, although they are considering reducing it for another year. He was heavily criticized for the perceived infantilization of the league at the time.

Both the NBA and the NBPA set December 15 as the deadline for reaching an agreement.

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The last revision related to this fact was in 2005, when this figure was raised to 19 years at the request of team owners and general opinion.

This change led to the spread of one-and-done, a practice by which the most talented players in each litter almost always opted to spend a year on the NCAA circuit. This happened before we took the leap towards professionalism.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has become a key promoter of this initiative by finding young people under the age of 18 who have profitable careers through sponsorships.

According to specialized media, if a deal is reached, the new rules will come into force from the 2024 draft.

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