Tattoo of Zaragoza, Mark Civitt on the skin that mesmerizes his followers

Having a zygocysta is something that is in the blood or in the skin. proof of They are the many ink addicts who tattoo the shield of Real Zaragoza or the image of the Virgen del Pilar, as well as the basilica of the patron saint, a symbol of the city. However, there are some who combine both the symbols in a single design. Baseball player Mark Civitt, whose heart is from Zaragoza and his temple is La Romareda, has done just that.

The portrait that the athlete chose for his right twin includes the famous religious carving, which is crowned with distinctive and detailed rays of the sun on a cover covering the sacred pillar. cloth is most favorite of football fansAnd it is that in the center is the shield of the city’s soccer team under which you can read the “Real Zaragoza CD”.

The 20-year-old shared his new tattoo on his Twitter profile on Tuesday and, although it hasn’t left anyone indifferent, it has also drawn some criticism about the quality of the drawing. Perhaps this is the reason why the tweet has been deleted. Even then, The publication, moments before it disappeared, had nearly two hundred ‘likes’. After just two hours online, Civit has seven hundred followers on the social network, not a bad figure.

Mark Civitt, a native of Sant Boi (Barcelona), is an ardent admirer of Zaragoza, evidenced by how many tours does he make in the city And which you share on your network. However, apart from being a fan of Real Zaragoza, he has other positive sporting qualities, as he is the second Spaniard on American soil with a contract as a professional baseball player.

The first to achieve this was his father Javier Civit, a reference figure in the sport in Spain, who he led to the Barcelona Olympics, where he won the most important victory in the history of the national team. Javier was a pioneer when he went to North America without knowing the language, at a time when only locals and a few Latinos found a place in the major leagues. He was part of the Montreal Expo while his son, who is on his way to take over from him, He is a member of the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

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