Shaquille O’Neill mocks Ginobili for his Hall of Fame speech: “Not a real player…”

Argentine basketball still wants to understand the importance of what is achieved by Manu Ginobilik 10 days ago. after 16 years in nba And 23 seasons of a professional career, the sisters were presented as a member of the Hall of Fame, a feat that was impossible to even dream of. The ceremony in general and his speech in particular impressed, but did not impress, all sports fans. Shaquille O’neal,

The Los Angeles Lakers ex-Evotes often garner attention with their spicy statements inside the famous NBA program or on their own show, The Big Podcast. there, Shaq Nothing is placed and is not afraid of collisions with the stars of the present or past and aims at Ginobili For an unfortunate reason: “Real gamers like Spice Adams [un comediante que es parte del podcast] Or I don’t cry, basketball doesn’t have tears,” he shot after feigning emotion to mock the Argentine.


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