Scariolo: “It’s been the triumph of basketball as a team sport”

“It’s a great satisfaction to have a championship level. Basketball has been generous with people who have respected their team’s sporting values. Passing the ball, respecting the roles, working hard, helping each other.” Do it, don’t be arrogant. This has been the triumph of basketball as a team sport. And when that happens, a coach couldn’t be happier from a sporting point of view”, he lauded after the match played in Berlin.

The Brescia coach admitted that even in the remotest part of his dreams, he did not expect his team to “win gold in a championship”. Teams that had NBA Stars, NBA MVPs and All Stars have been left behind.”

“Let your team show its face and compete. I didn’t doubt it. But We entered the ‘Power Ranking’ of the championship at 8th place and came out as champions”. He reflected.

Talking about the team’s success, he explained that there is a lot of work behind the victory: “No part of the way should be underestimated, If you add many small parts, then you get success. But it is true that it has been successful. People will say that we are a respectable team, where people play together and have an idea and an identity.”

Similarly, Scariolo acknowledged that It is now easier for them to work in a team without starsSomething that didn’t happen years ago.

“When you had players with a lot of talent, personality, they had stars on their teams, to whom you had to say: Today you play five minutes, today you play only to defend, or to lock. For me it was more difficult. The management here has been simple,” he said.

After the success in Berlin, Scariolo already thinks about the “next” tournament, Earlier, he would celebrate it with his players, who entered the Mercedes-Benz Arena’s press room to disrupt the attendance and douse the coach with water. Willie Hernangomez,

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