Rosa Maria Paya to appear before US Senate

Renowned Cuban activist Rosa María Paya will appear before the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday afternoon, as reported by the Cuba Decida Citizens Forum, which she directs.

Rosa Maria Paya will attend a public hearing of “female leaders facing authoritarianism” along with Uighur activist Zuhr Aiham and Iranian journalist Roya Hakkian.

“The cause of freedom in Cuba and the region is the face of a woman. Today I will have the honor of testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about our fight against totalitarianism in Cuba and for democracy in America,” the activist wrote on her Instagram. written on the account. Twitter.

It is important to mention that Rosa María Paya, daughter of opposition leader Osvaldo Paya, who was killed by the Cuban regime in 2012, is one of the most internationally recognized Cuban activists for her fight for Cuban independence, which she inherited . The father, who died in a tragic traffic accident on July 22 of that year, near the eastern city of Bayamo in Granma province, was traveling with activists Harold Cepero and ngel Caromero.

Rosa Maria Paya Hasn’t Stopped Fighting for Cuban Freedom

Carromero, the leader of the New Generation Youth Organization of the Popular Party of Madrid (PP), who was driving, was found and charged with involuntary manslaughter for Cepero’s death.

Prior to the trial, ngel Caromero, in a statement denying the involvement of another vehicle, alleging that it was all an “accident”, shortly after returning to Spain and being released, the activist stated that “Cuban secret services murdered Osvaldo Paya”.

Since the tragic death of her father, who was the most important opposition figure in Cuba, and represented a “threat” to the regime, Rosa María Paya has not stopped fighting for the independence of the island and the end of the Castro dictatorship. . For more than 60 years the Cuban people have been oppressed, plunging them into hunger, poverty and misery.

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