Results in Major League Baseball (MLB) | September 18, 2022

We present you the scores given in matches in Major League Baseball.

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This Sunday, September 18, in Major League Baseball (MLB) activity, the New York Yankees won a home run festival presided over by record man, Aaron Judge, as the New York Mets cleaned the broom mid-week while still in control. Their division was swept in, while the Houston Astros were overwhelmed on the back of a historic day for Dominican Framber Valdez.

Summary of Baseball Games | September 18, 2022

Aaron Judge scored his 58th and 59th home runs of the season, adding two runs to Roger Maris’ AL record with 16 games remaining, and an eight-homeer to give the New York Yankees a 12-8 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jacob DeGrom dismissed 13 batsmen, the most by a Mets pitcher with 5.0 or fewer innings, but this did not factor into the decision. The bullpen hit seven more for a total of 20 as the New York Mets beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 7–3 to complete a four-game sweep, as the sweep was held in midweek by Chicago to stay over the NL East. , The Atlanta 1.0 game is different.

Franber Valdez set an MLB record with his 25th straight quality start, Yordan Alvarez and Martin Maldonado each had four RBIs to help the Houston Astros cruise to an 11-2 win over the Oakland Athletics.

mlb results

Below we present the results of the Big League as of Sunday, September 18:

White Sox 11-5 Tigers

Rangers 3-5 Rays

Royals 3-13 Red Sox

Phillies 2-5 Brave

Marlins 3-1 Citizens

Orioles 5-4 Blue Jays

Pirates 3-7 Mets

Twins 3-0 Guardian

Athletics 2-11 Astros

Yankees 12-8 Brewers

Reds 3-0 Cardinals

Rockies 4-3 Cubs

Mariners 1-5 Angels

Padres 6-1 Dubax

Dodgers 4-3 Giants (Final/10)

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