Prigioni charges against Spain’s Scariolo and Lorenzo Brown

We told this a few days ago, in spite of eurobasketnationalization of lorenzo brown Keep Talking. The last one on the subject has been Argentina’s coach and former ACB and NBA player, Paul Prizioni, Who does not hesitate to criticize the selection of the coaching team sergio scariolo And the previous EuroBasket champion.

prigonii have recently conquered with Argentina America Cup, the Copa America of basketball, in a final that Brazil won, with the Unicaza Lima player on the court. In an interview in his home country, Pablo Prigoni has criticized the nationalization of Lorenzo Brown to compete with Spain. “I was always against nationalizing players and as long as I’m in the national team, that’s not going to happen. The technical staff will not have members from any other country,” said the Argentine. replace as coach national

Basconia legend, a player for a decade ACB LeagueWhere he was at Real Madrid has gone even further, ensuring that “there will be no nationalized citizens or foreigners in the coaching staff”, in a clear sign. sergio scariolo and his role as Spanish coach.

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