Political crisis in Nicaragua shattered dreams of ball prospects: Denis Martinez

Denis Martinez had around 35 players in 2018 who had the potential to sign the dream of his life

Social Outbreak in 2018 Nicaraguaforced former major league Dennis Martinez, to close its professional baseball academy; The aim of which was to bring together talented youth with a future in the sport, train them and sign them with the major leagues, as well as provide them with study and sufficient nutrition to perform in their practices.

In April 2018, Martinez had around 35 players who had the potential to sign the dream of their lives, the signing that would completely change their lives; Both and their families. But the danger and uncertainty that has gripped the country since then, despite the fact that they were already on track and with hope, former major league and other academy leaders have sent the youth back to their parents. decided to do. obtaining a signature.

“With deep pain in my soul I was forced to close the academy, because we were responsible for the boys and we were afraid that something might happen to them, it was difficult for me to tell them until now, because I know That many believed in him getting a contract to play outside the country and get out of poverty,” said the former Big Leaguer.

He said that with this project he also intends to return a bit of professionalism to the King of the Game. Nicaragua, Since according to Martinez it has become a dictatorial sport, messier and more enjoyable than professional.

“We can’t expect anything from National Baseball, it’s a chaquetole, they don’t allow them to say anything, no tips, no contributions, they want to make baseball a circus of mediocrity, it seems.” like they don’t want Nicaragua Make yourself famous for your talent in this game”.

This Is Why Many Young Baseball Players Today Are Going Nicaragua, in search of better opportunities; Like Ronald Medrano, a 26-year-old baseball player who moved to Spain to join the Tenerife Marlins of the Spanish league, which would now allow him to represent Spain In the world classic.

“Ronald Medrano was a member of our academy, we are proud of his results abroad, but it also makes us sad, because he would still be representing his country, if in Nicaragua Things were done as they should have been done; professionally, with the clear objectives of achieving international success and recognition”, said Martinez.

Ortega also equals Somoza in games

In (1919) during his return Nicaraguafrom the United States, Anastasio Somoza Garciabecame fully involved in baseball and led a team in Lyon, then entered politics, and from there he formed his new team (“General Somoza”), which he would use to win the public’s sympathy. , while the other team they were in the hands of traders from their own leadership.

as it is at present Nicaragua, that baseball is used by dictatorships to divert public attention and maintain the mask of a stable country and for teams, they too are in the hands of their relatives. They belong to the military, to the Sandinista businessmen and to the same police who repressed the youth in April 2018.

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“I wanted to invest in the Granada team, I applied for the franchise and they refused me; because they knew I would not follow their same line and that they were not silent on seeing the disaster that happened to our game. Will stay,” the former major leaguer said.

coming soon Nicaragua, will again face the challenge of obtaining his ticket to the World Baseball Classic, through which he could receive up to $300k to enter the competition; A very attractive person to help players or invest in a project that benefits the game.

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