Phoenix to investigate Real Mallorca shareholder

A week after the NBA officially announced a one-year ban and a $10 million fine for the owner of the Suns, robert serverA new probe hangs on the shareholder of Royal Majorca, City of Phoenix, which owns footprint center In which the Arizona franchise plays its games, it plans to conduct its own special investigation on an NBA report that points to the racist and misogynistic behavior of the businessman.

As Cronkite News reports, Phoenix city officials issued a statement Mayor, Kate Gallego, and several council members in which they state that they have asked city council staff to “investigate any action that we, as leaders of the City of Phoenix, may take based on the details supported by the report.” Institutional representatives did not overestimate the sentence and waited for legal services to act as reported.

Waiting for the City of Phoenix to conclude the file, Many voices have been raised against the continuation of Robert Sarver. As CEO of Sun. From the franchise’s own vice president to LeBron James, passing through the professional players’ union, he has expressed his dismay at the lukewarmness with which, according to him, the league has dealt and the owner of Real Mallorca also needs to leave. Relationship with the team.. Furthermore, one of the entity’s sponsors, such as PayPal, has also made clear its intention not to renew its contract if Sarver continues to lead the entity.

Both Balearic SAD through its business manager, alfonso diazu, like the president, Andy Kohlberg has avoided controversy by citing the fact that the investigation took place in the United States and not to affect his relationship with the Vermilion team. Although PayPal is no longer on the list of Real Mallorca’s affiliates and sponsors this season, its global agreement with the Sun includes several companies, including Footprint, which gives its name to the NBA Pavilion and the WNBA. No further announcements like the ones made by PayPal so far.

Civil rights activist and candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 2004 United States presidential election, al sharpton, called for Sun related companies like Terminate your contract with a Footprint, Verizon, Coca-Cola or Gatorade franchise After learning the details of the weight ban on Phoenix’s Robert Sarver since last week.

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