Only pitcher designated hitter

“Gaffo for him, too small a matter”… Anonymous.

Gonzalo Tres of Cordoba, Veracruz asks: “Can there be designated hitters for players in positions other than pitching?”

Come on amigo: No. Rule 6.10(b) states that the designated person may only be the starting pitcher and the pitcher who replaces him.

Augusto L. of Los Mochis. Triana asks…: “If in a championship, a centerfielder makes 23 assists and four outs and makes an error, while another, 13 outs, no assists and no errors, who is the champion of the championship position, and How do you get that average?

Amigo Tusto…: To win that title, it is necessary to participate in at least two-thirds of the games on the calendar. If both comply, the champion is the one with 13 outs, as he finished with 1000 points. Others, 0964. This is obtained by dividing the total number of outs plus assists by the number of errors, plus assists, plus outs.

Damien Procua of Mexico City asks: “Is a run scored by a batsman clean if he has reached the base of the hit, but after continuing to bat because the catcher made a foul error on two strikes?”

Amigo añán: No. That race is dirty.

David Riquelme H. of Merida, Yucatán asks: “Will they republish your out-of-print book, The Best Aeneots?”

Friend claim: It will be for sale again on Amazon. We are making necessary improvements.

Culiacán’s Alfredo Inzunza asks…: “What has been the highest batting average for a pitcher in a season and for life in the Major Leagues?”

Friend al…: In one season, Walter Johnson (Senator) in 1925, with 440. In one career, the Red Ruffing (Red Sox, Yankees and White Sox), 1925–1947, consumed 1,937 at-bats, 269 and 300 at-bats. Or more in each of the eight campaigns, including 364 in 1930.

Douglas Terran of Carabaleda asks: “Is there any regulatory or vigilante body at the level of the United States government that can prevent this abhorrent disaster, which means the Commissioner of Baseball, in collusion with team owners, ESPN and Fox. In? “

Dude Doug: He doesn’t exist, because he is hired and paid by the owners of the teams.

Caracas’s Jose L. Guevara asks: “With the new 20-second rules from 2023, how will pitchers care for baserunners now?”

Friend Pepe…: Let’s ask Rob Manfred.

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