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1.- Mexican rookie of the Oakland Athletics Adrian Martinez It will be difficult for him to forget in his career yordan alvarez: Yesterday, he gave him just three shots (home runs) and with them he helped his Astros to a 5-0 win in the postseason for the sixth time in a row, where my friend Justin Verlander also pitched a formidable five-innings run . Without a hit or run.

His 34th, 35th and 36th homers (as well as a hot hit for the right-hander at Minute Maid Park) gave him that characteristic edge in the new circuit over people like Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, who may be familiar to you.

Of course, watch out for Houston, who looks to make a World Series return for the fourth time in the past six years.

Do you want data from Las Tunas, Cuban natives?:

The first in franchise history to hit three home runs against the same pitcher in a game and to hit as many since George Springer on September 22, 2019.

Others: The only player to have multiple 430-foot homers in a game twice this season. He also did this feat on 30 May.

The last player to have three homers of 430 feet or more in a game was Nelson Cruz, who did it on September 25, 2019.

one more: yordan alvarez He is the fourth Cuban-born player with 2 games of 3 HRs in the Majors. Previously, Jose Canseco (1988 and 1994), Yoennis Cespedes (2015 and 2017) and Kendris Morales (2015 and 2017) had done so.

2.- Esteban “Pony” Quiroz He is already in MLB with the Cubs and will have to make his debut at some point; Home Run 698 Pujol’s name; field home run Joy Menesis, Verlander no longer finished sixth after those five innings without a hit or run, and K for his 17th win of the year (17-3 with 163 strikes and 1.98). He is the leader in victories and eras in the American League.

3.- Yesterday Paco Salazar and Hector Barrios, you already know them!, they talked to me to remind me what happened in the Tampa team and my answer was “tomorrow I’ll uncover it with pleasure” and look, it is here.

Of course, what was observed is reminiscent of 1971 when the Pittsburgh Pirates only had black players in the game.

4.- Colleagues and friends also apprised me of the health condition Jaime Lopez is going through – hospitalized here in Hermosillo – which requires an urgent blood transfusion. Let’s hope he succeeds and a hundred “Mr. 300”. Earrings.

4.- See here: Pea Bisbolera de Ensenada, BC, (in photo) Composed of: left-right. Marco Antonio Amao Villavicencio, Hector Barrios Fernandez, Francisco Higuera González, Jesus Cobos García, Ramón Meja Murillo. The glory of local baseball except the one in blue. Missing from the image are Mr. Ral Obeso, historian, Amado Peralta Nez, who is widely known in national baseball, and Mario Pérez León “n” Barr, a member of the national baseball and softball teams.

Professor Hector Barrios tells us: “We send a sincere and cordial greeting to Pea Bisbolera de Sonora, hoping that in the near future we can create channels of cooperation and coexistence that reflect our human values ​​as well as baseball culture.” Enriching each one receives a warm embrace.

Congratulations and congratulations guys.

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