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1.- had come 55 From the judge and became the right-handed home run hitter with the most goals in the NYYs and now he knows what he’s going for; Excellent interview with Ronnie Camacho in Baseball Talks of Sacred Enclosure; The Dodgers, six away from being crowned in the National West… and a decisive seventh between Lyon and Diablos in MLB today. The Sultans are waiting.

Two.- See what the “magic” of baseball is like: The LMB’s South Field duel about for the coronation: The long-haired fell 18-10 in the eighth, but with groups of three and five in the row they tied and then won 21-18very nice!

Yucatan’s big win in 10 innings; “Cafecito” Martinez gave the winner HR in the ninth set after coming behind Lyon with 5 runs. Note already knows where. Don’t want everything to be told or told. or if…?

3.- Sensitive posthumous ceremony from Naranjaros de Hermosillo to Hector Espino in the Plaza de las Leendas, attached to the Sonora Stadium. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of the remarkable Superman of Chihuahua, our colleague Julio Maquinay made an appearance and shared photos of the act with us.

In regards to the tribute, in memory of the number 21 of Luz Marina Martínez Arias, Tere Ochoa Urquez, Hilde Lara, Cesar Sanchez, Arturo Queiroz and Cesario Suárez Naranjo, positive comments come to the fore on my FB and how nice.

4.- Let’s see: In addition to Alfredo Amazaga (Detroit) and Benjamin Gill (Anaheim), who served as MLB coaches, what other countrymen also appear in that pivotal role in the current season?

5.- pure baseball: Alejandro Kirk went 3-for-5 with an RBI and scored a run against the Orioles; He had 9 hits in the series against the Orioles and set a new record for the Toronto Blue Jays catcher.

6.- Incredibly relevant: Not only is Paul Goldschmidt looking for his first Most Valuable Player award, but he’s also fighting for the National League Triple Crown — something he hasn’t seen on the Old Circuit in 85 years.

The Cardinals’ star first baseman has a real shot at leading the league in batting average, home runs and RBI; The three lines that make up the Triple Crown.

There have been only 12 Triple Crown winners in the national and American leagues over the past century, with Venezuela’s Miguel Cabrera being the only person to have done so in the past 50 years. Note on MLB page.

7.- NYY rebounds between player injuries; He won a doubleheader yesterday against the Twins, runners-up with the White Sox in two games away from Cleveland in the American League Central Division.

data. Echo.

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