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1.- Lyons de Yucatán is finally the champion…. And how Down 3-2 in the series, he went to Monterrey and looked already.

Quite the opposite, exactly a year earlier, when the Toros crowned Page, leading 3-0 against Tijuana.

The fact that was seen with the Charros de Jalisco against Saltillo … Another great story, in 1971, that was not seen in the LMB.

But, coming back to the present, yesterday Jose “Cafecito” Martínez with his powerful offense and Henderson lvarez from Hill (the series’ MVP), fifth in the history of the franchise, were key factors in winning the pennant.

Our dear colleague and friend Gabi Lugo, from Ciudad Obregón, shares with us the following, you will see:

Confirming his quality as a leader, Roberto “Chapo” Vizcarra Acosta is undefeated tonight by winning his seventh championship in the same number of finals played between the two main baseball leagues in the country.

2013 Quintana Roo Tigers (LMB)

2015 Quintana Roo Tigers (LMB)

2016-2017 Mexicali Eagles (LMP)

2018 Yucatan Lions (LMB)

2018-2019 Charros de Jalisco (LMP)

2021-2022 Charros de Jalisco (LMP)

2022 Yucatan Lions (LMB)

Congratulations chap!

And for all the pretty and loyal Yucatecan fans out there, to celebrate this worthy fifth title for the long-haired account.

Two.- Also my colleague on my FB is Gaspar A. López Poveda (arrobadeportes.com), tells us what happened.

I invite you

Overall: Many congratulations to the new LMB champion and my appreciation to the Sultans for reaching this milestone in the Battle of the Circuit pennant.

3.- MLB: Kyle Wright won 19th time to lead the Major League; With Scherzer’s Jewel, the Mets secure the playoffs for the first time since 2016; The Astros conquer the west and head straight to the ALDS; Kershaw (9-3/10K in six innings) helps the Dodgers to a 5-2 win (102 wins)… you know where to read these excellent notes.

4.- My friend Owl Forever, Francisco Javier “Picho” Moreno, told me yesterday: Hank Aaron scored 755 home runs in his remarkable MLB career, second in history after Barry Bonds, who retired with a maximum of 762.

Relevant: The first is already in Cooperstown, but the second isn’t and you already know the reason, as I wrote this yesterday.

Funny thing is, there is no asterisk next to his name after steroid use that his performance is good enough for him to life, surpassing the revered Aaron who died last year.


5.- Luis Antonio Valenzuela Luna: Great to judge. I am happy that he is a serious player and without any fuss. I haven’t seen him argue with the umpires despite the fact that he is the worst sung player in all of MLB.

6.- Carlos R. Castillo Barrio: I have to live what I used to be a dream.

Framer Valdez, OK!

7.- Without making much noise, Dominican framber Valdez has become one of the best pitchers in the Major Leagues this season; He took center stage in the Astros’ 11-2 win at Minute Maid Park on Sunday, where he made his 25th consecutive quality start since 2018, breaking the single-season record set by Jacob deGrom.

Valdez already had the franchise mark for quality debuts, previously held by Mike Scott with 20.

Valdez’s 25th consecutive quality start is part of an impressive campaign for the left-hander, who finished second in wins (16) in qualified AL starters and sixth in ERA (2.57).

8.- Naranjaros de Hermosillo continued with his preseason this Monday, but now in the city of Tucson, Arizona, where he will continue training and which will be the base for moving to various cities in the state where he will hold his preseason duet. ,

Rodrigo memorandum Moon

9.- Rodrigo Rodriguez GAMES: Maestro Rubio: We were lucky to meet Mr. Memo Luna, a very attentive person with a true character and easy words. We met at his home amid the pandemic, following several recommendations from his family that we take all hygienic measures to avoid infection with Kovid.

We arrived, looking for a healthy distance, trying to shake hands, armed with face masks, when his son Juan opens the door for us and says Don Memo and almost orders, raising his hand, say hello to me and wearing that mask Take it off!

His performance in the Pacific Coast League, his duel with Whitey Ford, his call to the Major Leagues, and the Latino player’s suffering in baseball in the United States, especially because of the growing discrimination in him, made the conversation a delight. Era

We met Don Memo Luna when he was over 90 years old, he had clarity and a special memory. It took us three days to finalize that trip in Los Mochis, but it was worth every moment of his pleasant and eloquent speech.

Yes: in his memory/perennial memory.

10.- Cesáreo Suárez Naranjo: Mexicans have a good harvest in the Major League… Regarding changes in the Major League, it’s good that they give their opinion (although nothing is going to be decided in the end!). I already gave you my opinion already and I am preparing an article about it. Hug.

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