NBA: They sell Michael Jordan shirt for 10.1 million: Most expensive shirt in sports history

eitherno t shirt Michael Jordan Of Chicago BullsWhich he wore and sweated in the first game of the 1998 NBA Finals ‘last Dance’has been sold at an auction organized by Sotheby’s For… $10.1 million!

Sotheby’s has looked at how historic T-shirts are worth, which Sales were believed to exceed three million dollarshas been shot.

What did Michael Jordan do with his 10.1 million jerseys in the first game of the 1988 NBA Finals?

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz 4–2 in the 1998 NBA Finals, which marked Michael Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ of the previous season in the NBA.

In the first game, the Bulls lost 99–85 in overtime to the Jazz in Salt Lake City.

Michael Jordan scored 33 points in that game.

Most expensive jerseys used in sporting history: Jordan, Maradona and Babe Ruthie

With this sale the ‘Air’ Jordan jersey, the second NBA Finals jersey to go on sale throughout history, becomes the most expensive in the history of the sport.

The 10.1 million Argentines paid for Michael Jordan’s shirt is more than the 9.2 million paid for the shirt. Diego Armando Maradona as seen in the scintillating match against England‘The Hand of God’ in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

In his days it didn’t come across: This is how Maradona justified ‘The Hand of God’ in ‘The Day After’

It was one of the third most expensive jerseys worn in the game in the history of the sport. babe Ruth, baseball legend. I know He paid 5.6 million euros in 2019,

Sport had a price: Babe Ruth named man of recordbrand

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