NBA considers lowering age to qualify for draft

The minimum age of a player to be selected in the draft can be reduced from 19 years to 18 years. In other words, a young man can jump from high school to the NBA without completing a year of university. This was reported by Shams Charaniya on Monday, which could have a significant impact on the future of the league.

Negotiations are already underway between the NBA and the NBPA and are expected to be successful when a new collective agreement is signed.

A few days ago, Adam Silver had already clarified his position regarding this possible change of age, which justifies the proposal made:

“It may be in everyone’s interest that we start influencing these young players, especially because our sport recognizes them at such a young age and then we start working with them on their development, not just their In basketball skills, rather there is a greater focus on their mental health, their diet, just to help them develop character and the all-important values ​​surrounding the game.”

The current view is contrary to what Silver himself expressed months ago, slipping that the age to be selected in the draft could extend to 20 years, something that would have changed today.

It will be necessary to see how the negotiations develop and whether the NBA eventually lowers the eligibility age for the draft. If so, the exodus of young Europeans could go even further.

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