NBA: A mother is fined for telling her daughter to attack an opponent in a mine match: She hit her KO. left

AndNovember 2021 Alice Hamo Condemned it assaulted his daughter One by one Rival, daughter of NBA player Corey BenjaminIn the game of the lower categories of basketball.

“There’s absolutely no excuse for doing something like this in basketball, I don’t care how famous you are! This mom told her daughter to ‘punch’ and my daughter punches without provocation. In youth sports Wrong. The girl and her mother showed absolutely no remorse and no apology. The game needs to change at the grassroots level,” Alice explained while sharing the video of the attack on her daughter.

Attacker’s mother accused of two rapes and escaped from jail

The woman who encouraged her daughter to attack an opponent at a game played in Garden Grove (California) was identified as Tira Hunt and reported to the police and charged with two misdemeanors: Contributing to the commission of an offense against a minor and assault,

throw prey, what He faced a maximum sentence of one year in was Orange County Superior Court orders victim to pay $9,000 And write letters of apology to everyone involved in the game (the parents, the girl who was attacked, and the teams).

Hunt must also sign up for anger control courses and will not be able to approach the girl who is being attacked.

Corey Benjamin apologizes for his daughter’s violent aggression

Former Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks player Corey Benjamin has already apologized for his daughter’s violent attack on a rival player: “For the young woman who was punched by my daughter during a youth basketball game, I sincerely apologize And pray for him. Complete healing, both physically and emotionally.”

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