NBA 2K23 Will Make Millions With Online Mode, But This Year I Won The Challenges Of Eras And Jordan

We can put ourselves in the position of the manager of our favorite team, choosing from four different eras: the 80s Where the Celtics and Lakers shared the dominance of the league, 90s Led by Jordan’s Bulls, the beginning of the millennium With Kobe, Iverson & Co. or current time, This includes all the actual squads, the drafts of all those years (at least with the most emblematic players from each edition), the logos, the relocations of each franchise,… everything!

It sounds impossible, but it is. Undoubted, This means that we can completely change the history of the franchise at the stage that most affected us., In my case, the Sacramento Kings of Bibby, Stojakovic, Chris Webber, Divak and Brad Miller from the turn of the millennium, but also the Atlanta Hawks of the 80s, pacers of almost any era or the Sixers of Iverson and Mutombo, to name a few. Example.

All these options for Rewriting History Is An Incentive Very Few NBA Fans Can Refuse, Finally, we are able to manufacture a kind of madness It’s super fun and it quickly prolongs the life of My NBA Mode, which has become my favorite in this version. NBA 2K,

We see that it is difficult to transfer this game mode to sports such as soccer. For the simple reason that enjoying something similar would require buying rights beyond what is humanly possible. Perhaps fifa I could do it with the English league or even with the Spanish, but doing it with all the major leagues that it is involved in would be an effort that would get me in return. what yes what They will find my eternal love, But I don’t think they are very interested in that.


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NBA 2K23: First Look Trailer

On a technical level we find ourselves once again with an excellent title, The graphic jump on the PS5 (where we analyzed the game) is smaller than in the previous installment, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer tremendous results in almost all aspects. The soundtrack is, of course, truly memorable once again.As well as the amount of detail involved in presentation and for fans, such as the already famous 2K TV series.

Overall, that once again 2K offers us the best sports simulator of the moment, NBA 2K23 It probably doesn’t have too many innovations in the playable section and we’re a bit bored with My Career and My Team modes, even though the first one was quite a revolution at the time and even though both are a real ticket factory. Much better taste in our mouths has left us with the possibility of playing in different eras with Jordan Challenges and My NBA Mode, We will not tire of saying, this is one of the most significant additions that the saga has experienced in a long time and Something we’d love to see in other sports franchises,

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