NBA 2K23: 5 New Features That Will Inspire You to Play It

2K. offered by

last friday Arrived in stores September 9 NBA 2K23Year after year a new installment of the 2K virtual basketball saga brings us the best basketball games available today. Pays homage to one of the most important sports For the world’s and queen’s league, the NBA.

Producer of the Year NBA 2K provide us Lots of changes and news Which invites us to return to the virtual court and, in this article, we’re going to review 5 that we believe will get you re-gripping the controller to enjoy basketball.

The most polished gameplay of the saga

NBA 2K23 introduce a good fist Gameplay Improvements Based on players’ comments, this year we are offering some shooting mechanics More satisfying, even being able to choose the shot indicator that we want to use every moment, that works best for us “to get the greens”.

it’s also done boosted inner game Being able to make more penetrations, layups, and dunks in a more plastic and fluid way without skipping three-point shots, which will continue to be very important as they are in the NBA today. simultaneously, Rebound and other gameplay aspects have also been improved (There are changes to the stamina system, for example) to give us the most polished gameplay ever in the series.

Jordan Challenge, GOAT . a tribute to

Michael Jordan is the Most Important Legend in the NBA What this meant for the league at the level of international expansion makes the Bulls’ 23 a 90s myth for any sports fan.

NBA 2K23 pays tribute to his figure jordan challengea game mode that allows us Play the 15 most iconic games of GOAT’s careerTake on the challenges in each of them, learn more about their lives for various interviews before the matches and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 80s and 90s, using image filters to achieve a very interesting retro air Thanks for a system.

The NBA’s Most Important ERAS Lives

Jordan has its own game mode this year and it’s the main figure of NBA 2K23But the 2K title is also one thanks to the past and the history of the league. My NBA and New Era within this mode of sport that allows us to take the reins of a franchise out of the competition.

Now, by playing My NBA we can start the game in one of the four eras available to be GMs and change NBA history, finding out what would have happened, for example, by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The team would have played on the same.. The four eras we can choose from are: modern (current season), kobes (until 2002), Jordan (since 1991) or magic vs bird (since 1983).

MyTEAM. Build a Dream Team in

star of NBA 2K23 Yes, once again MyTEAM Mode Thanks to which we will be able to build a dream team made up of the best players in the NBA today and the many legends in the history of the competition who will be at our service virtually.

This year there is a very important change in MyTEAM which is removal of player contracts, Now, when we have a player, it will be ours forever and we won’t have to keep track of how many games he has left with us or renew his contract, something that has fueled the internal economy of the game itself. has changed. In addition, new ways to acquire players through team trophies are also added, and forms of game modes such as cooperative triple threat or offline decisive moments.

the city is more alive than ever

In the current generation of consoles we will have cityA capital of virtual basketball that this year is more vibrant than ever, thanks to truly successful changes to its design that make it improve both appearance and functionality for the player.

city ​​2K23

the city is Being smaller in size saves us time on trips and delivers everything better So that we can access different game modes, buy clothes for our NBA star or play street basketball while we watch how many people gather around the Arena before the game. In addition, a fast travel system is also released that will take pretty much everything at hand, which significantly affects the amount of time we spend actually playing.

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