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The group of the Pacific Arc Mexican League, the Naranjaros de Hermosillo, has been one of those who usually take advantage of the openness and good reception in the world of sports, which today has striking uniforms.

Naranjaros usually have a wide variety of jerseys per campaign, some of which are meant to support or pay tribute to noble causes.

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“Siri” Sweater

The last uniform they issued that paid a certain tribute was the “serie”, which celebrates the culture and traditions of the Comaque tribe.

The ninth orange explained that they wanted to promote the native people of Sonora, especially the culture of that community.

The jersey was the second presented by the club for the 2022–23 campaign and features a white with an orange tint that pays homage to the traditional craft, as well as sunsets on the beaches of the Serie Nation.

In the same way, it has an H for Hermosillo on the left side of the chest and the “Naranjito” logo on the left sleeve, which presents a distinctive painting of the Comaque tribe, depicted with the red blood of the ancestors, blue water and sky and White peace and joy.

telethon support

One of the uniforms that has become a tradition from year to year is the one that is added to support the Teleton Children’s Rehabilitation Center located in Hermosillo.

Sweater It is usually used in one of the regular season games for a few years, having the characteristic purple color of the children’s institution that prevails and in 2021 the bright yellow.

The designs have been changing, but have always respected the colors by which everyone knows the telethon.

Likewise, during games in which they wear these colors, Naranjaros goes boating inside the stadium, as well as donating all proceeds in tickets to support minors receiving medical attention at CRIT.

Within the events that take place in the stadium, one of the younger ones has the opportunity to throw the first ball of the game.

Breast Cancer

Naranjaros also has such a uniform who wants to join the cause of awareness, the fight against breast cancer is of paramount importance in our state and country.

For this reason, every 19 October, within the framework of the International Day for the Fight against Breast Cancer, the Hermosilon team uses one. Special sweater.

Uniforms reminiscent of the said campaign usually have pink color indicating it as both the main or secondary in clothing.

For example, for the 2021–22 campaign, it was in black with pink accents and the traditional “little orange” shield on the arm, compared to a pink with white tones a year earlier.

With the support of the telethon, related activities are usually carried out during the meeting, in this case by the George Papanicolaou Group, which presents itself with a stand to raise awareness of breast cancer, to raise funds. In addition to taking a boat tour.

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real hero

When we talk about the peculiar uniform in the recent history of Naranjaros, there is the “Heroes”, which was the subject of both applause and expression of curiosity, as it has an unusual design.

The kit, which has white paint and orange detailing, created the illusion for doctors’ coats.

That’s because the “Heroes” jersey, as its name indicates, was a tribute to all those who risked their lives to fight against COVID-19 in hospitals during the start of the pandemic .

The uniform was introduced during the 2020-21 campaign and was used during a regular role in some games.

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