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Mexican Esteban Queiroz has started to rise to prominence in MLB with the Chicago Cubs, Nearly 8,000 fans were present at Marlins Park before attending and highlighting the 2-1 win over the Miami Marlins.

Ciudad Obregón, a Sonora native and 30-year-old, known as ‘Pony’, was hired by manager David Ross at second and second base in the order, He went 2-for-3 and was hit by Venezuelan starter Pablo López.

His first hit in MLB was a two-for against Venezuela in the first innings on a two-ball count. attack, adding the change of speed broke the diamond. His second hit was an eighth against left-handed reliever Steven Okert.

Esteban Queiroz MLB Cubs

Esteban Queiroz is the 145th Mexican to reach MLB and number 24 this season, a figure that adds to the historic mark of Aztec participants. Photo: MLB

like in three games biglegearHas six at-bats and has hit two singles, a strikeout and a adds hit.

sixth debut

Queiroz is the most recent of six Mexican debuts that have happened this season, in addition to: Daniel Duarte (Reds), Adrian Martinez (Athletics), Jonathan Aranda (Ray), Joy Menis (Nationals) and Javier Assad (Cubs).

The Cubs are third in the National League’s Central Division with 63 wins and 85 losses, two and a half games behind the leader St. Louis Cardinals (87–62), having won five in the last 10 games.

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