Matt Carpenter and the Yankees: Eternal Return?

He could return in October and his return would be just as important for the New York Yankees, But for now we’ll have to wait, because there’s no exact date for Matt Carpenter’s reunion with the Bronx Bombers.,

When the veteran broke his leg in early August on the 8th, the alarm went off in the Bronx,As the veteran Bombers stood out in style with shirts since his arrival in late May, but within hours, had been ruled out of surgery, many thought he might be back in 10 or 15 days. ..

should Happen You No it was

Even then, Carpenter did not return in late August, nor early September, and a high dose of suspense in Hitchcock’s purest style has clarified the potential situation surrounding the player.

If anything was missing to intensify the concern, it was to report to the Yankees that Carpenter has yet to be approved for baseball activities, as New York Daily News journalist Christie Eckert revealed a few hours ago.

Worse scenery

Eckert said Aaron Boone himself isn’t sure whether Matt Carpenter can return to action this season.: “… it all depends on the result of your next X-ray…” – specified Helsmann.

At this point, given the lack of new news and signs indicating improvement, everything indicates that the wait will continue for a long time and the story takes on a pessimistic tone, As if it was eternal return and Nietzsche himself was pulling the strings of the conspiracy.

Likewise, the perspective that he was due back in late August, perhaps early September, and that nothing is known for certain at this point, may not even return to Carpenter, is also imposed.

some of light

Perhaps, as a ray of light, Chris Kirschner of The Athletic insisted that sources close to the Bombers have assured that there will be a favorable outcome after the X-ray and that Carpenter can return as soon as possible.Maybe in early October; It can happen, but still you have to wait.

At the time of his injury, Matt Carpenter had played 47 games with the Mullos, showing a cut sheet of 305/412/727, with 15 home runs and 37 RBIs.

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