Low-income boys in Lara are considered for opportunity in organized baseball.

In recent years, all the irregularities that have arisen have made it more difficult for a young man to reach Major League Baseball (MLB). To counteract this, however, everyone needs to work together, that in any sport (baseball in this case) they are in charge of collaboration, learning, and especially player training.

There are many Venezuelan players who haven’t got a second chance to check or sign. Others have missed the “deadline” and some haven’t. “Try”That is why, at the school formed by Jess Rumbos (former Pastora de los Llanos pitcher) and Aisel López, granddaughter of Don Elias Marufo (who in his life was a pioneer of the Lara State Baseball Association and Orquesta Little Mavre), a possibility of dedication or Various programs are being organized to propagate the passion.

interest in the middle

There are kids who fight to make a dream come true. There are academies that only look at who has the best chance of signing up to get good »the prize’’ And there are many such cases, but even more are forgotten, for some get genuine support from winning.

Recently, one of the most important baseball activities in the Laurence unit was held at the Juan Vasquez de Cabudare Stadium, aimed at bringing together the best young talents of Creole baseball (boys who have parted ways) » not ambitious» in its stage of development and the opportunity to be observed by Major League Scouts); as well as those who could not pass at some point”great test” Attending a check-up because of an injury, family problem or simply lack of resources.

Young Talent Looking for an Opportunity to Get Baseball on Rent


It is a discipline of high self-confidence and preparation, which requires more mental strength than physical to enhance sports knowledge within a team.

» Dreams in baseball will never end. If at any point they tell you !NO!, keep going on your best path. You must keep fighting to get into Big Show, because few of these kids have a chance to stand out and get their signature. Baseball is a business today and the interest is plentiful »Organizer Jesus Rumbos hints

For this reason, Eisel López and Jesus Rumbos each “decided to hold a primary competition to observe the potential”.Boy” It is prepared daily, regardless of the fact that at some point “Obstacle” His position toward the goal of North American baseball.

number of possibilities

at the same level Kabudare water Seeking the opportunity, it was possible to get 28 youths from various municipalities of the Lawrence unit and even from other states. Therefore, the union between Jess Rumbos (former pitcher) together with Aisel López could bear great fruit in youth baseball, encouraging each organization, school or coach to change the way they are trained.

The list of players who participated in this event is as follows:

Kevin Rodriguez class information of 2020

Nerio Silva Class 2023 Information

Emmanuel Greaterol 2022 orbit information

Javier Suarez Class 2022 Cat-of-Inf-P

Eliezer Torrelba Class 2025 Details

Keyvar Padilla Class 2023 Information

Calvin Hernandez Class 2022 Cat

Jesus Torres Class 2022 Out

Brian Gianpaolo Class 2022 info

Robert Bracho Class 2022 SS

Manuel Smith Greaterole Class 2025 Details

Alexander Valero Class 2022 Information

Neo Quevedo 2022 Cat

2021 Cat’s Pineapple Angel Class

Yadiyar Aranguren Class 2023 CAT

Emmanuel Urbaneza Class 2021 CAT

Alan Sanchez Class 2022 Information

Daniel Perez Class 2024 Information

christian alvarez class 2023 ouf

Vicente Arias Class of 2020 inf- Pitcher

Ayrton Gomez Class 2021 In-Out


johnny white class of 2020

Anderber Perez Class 2023

Jabber Lorenzo Class 2023
Jesus Villegas Class 2023

Edwin Perez class of 2020
josmichael perza class 2023

Vicente Arias Class of 2020

Javier Suarez Class of 2020.

Writing and Interviewing: Edwin Sports Hevia

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