LMB: Yucatan Lions win 2022 King Series! He defeated the Sultans of Monterrey

Tookyou Yucatan Lions they are the new champions of The Mexican Baseball League defeated the Sultans 6–1 in the seventh and final game of the series at Monterey Baseball Stadium. Just when everything looked like the Kings Series would be at Monterrey after the Sultans won two games in Yucatan, The Lions fought on Sunday and Monday to silence the residents of Monterey who had packed the Sultan’s Palace.

title of Lions Monterrey, Venezuela must have the names of two key players engraved in the seventh of the series Henderson Alvarez and Jose Martinez, who were in charge of silencing the Royals.

Henderson had an excellent performance from the top of the shots, Whereas the ‘Cafecito’ was in charge of preparing the winning race for the people of Mérida.

Venezuela marks the game from the first inningor with a double that caused the first race of the night Sultan of the North

The same ‘Cafecito’ took the plate with an invincible in the fifth inning Second race for the visiting team.

with a home run that went into three runs and Martínez held the board 5–0 for Lyons de Yucatán, with Reggio already against canvas.

from a lonely homer Walter Ibarra tried to revive the aspirations of the Monterrey men through left field, but it only got on the board for 6–1., In the upper half of the ninth, the victory was sealed by a home run by Walter Ibarra who was in the sixth. Yucatan

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