LMB: Jose “Cafecito” Martinez and Henderson lvarez of Venezuela who starred in Game 7 of the Kings Series

The Yucatán Lions were crowned for the fifth time in their history by two Venezuelans: Henderson lvarez and Jose ‘Cafecito’ Martinez.

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Henderson lvarez III, originally from Valencia, Venezuela, did a great pitching job in the 2022 Kings Series, playing 7.2 innings in Game 3 in which he did not allow runs and included 8.0 of just one run and seven hits. Episodes added. Game 7 will be named Most Valuable Player of the 2022 Kings Series by the press.

The second hero of the Yucatecan ninth was born ‘Cafecito’ Martinez, who produced only one run in doubles for the title, driving five runs in the fifth title game in Lions history.

The current players of Lyons de Yucatán have already been part of the same team in their native country in 2013–2014 and 2017–2018 with Tiburónes de la Guerra and baseball saw them again this year to become two in the Yucatán Peninsula. brought along Beloved of ball-loving long-haired fans.

During the last of the series Henderson lvarez made an 8.0-run performance in the ninth inning with a home run by Xolo Almonte and seven hits, he did not run, he set three chocolates and made a total of 102 pitches. were 71 strikes, scored a 0.57 ERA by pitching 15.2 innings, allowed only one earned run, and closed the battle for the Zachila Cup with two victories.

For his part, José Martínez produced a run of the pool with a double that moved Norberto Obeso to the register, repeating the formula in the fifth roll: ‘Cafecito’ propelled Obeso but on that occasion played with one. A home run in left field for three more runs for 5-0, all produced by Cafecito´ Martínez.

Both the Venezuelan Kings were a key piece for the ninth Yucatecan team during Game 7 of the series and the long-haired team was crowned champions of the 2022 season, reaching five championships as the fifth club with the most pennants and Tecolotes. was equaling.


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