‘LeBron’s story is arguably the greatest in sporting history’: Charles Barkley


Charles Barkley explained that he believes LeBron James is the biggest story in the game in a recent interview with NBA legend.

LeBron James.
Andy Lyons / Getty ImagesLeBron James.

lebron james had again made the central subject of an interesting argument Charles Barkley To say that this is the greatest history of the game. keep player Los Angeles Lakers beyond that National Basketball Association (NBA),

Born in Akron, Ohio, LeBron was destined for glory from the start. Before arriving in the NBA, he was already seen as the next Michael JordanTo the extent that James himself had a tattoo with his surname pick one (Selected),

and Barkley, league veteran and now basketball analyst, as a leading public figure, leading it King As in the best history of sports. This is how he explained it to the current player of Golden State Warriors, Drummond Green,

Barkley on LeBron James

,LeBron’s story is arguably the greatest in sports history., because first you see players like this Kobe Bryant) either kevin garnetHe was not a good player when he came to the NBA. LeBron is the only player in my forty years in the NBA who was great from day one., And on top of that he became one of the best in history, he never got in trouble.” Expressed on Green’s podcast.

It was then supported by Drummond himself. “The amazing thing about LeBron is that he had the highest expectations of any player who came out of high school to make it to the NBA. Even Michael Jordan did not have such expectations.,He added.

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