LeBron James criticizes NBA for not being tough on Suns owner: Accused of racism Play

LeBron James speaks ahead of the ban imposed on Sons leader Robert Sarver, who is accused of racism and machinism by his own activists.

lebron james The NBA was criticized last Wednesday for not being strong enough to sanction it robert serverPhoenix Suns owner and who were suspended and fined for a year on Tuesday 10 million dollars For derogatory remarks to your type of workers Racist and sexist.

“I have already read the stories about Sarwar many times. I have to be honest… our league was definitely wrong about that.”The Los Angeles Lakers star said on Twitter.

“I don’t have to explain why. Read and decide for yourself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, This kind of behavior has no place in this league. I love this league and have deep respect for its leaders. But this is not correct. There is no place for misogyny, sexism and racism in any work environment.”He added.

LeBron assured that “even though” If the person who engages in this behavior, team owner or playerThis was not a good example of this kind of competition The NBA that aspires to defend a range of values.

The NBA announced Tuesday sanctions against sarwarJoe is also the owner of Phoenix Mercury WNBA and Mallorca’s largest shareholder of Spanish football.

ten million dollars is the maximum fine established in the internal rules of nbaBut there was a notable controversy when comparing Sarwar’s approval with measures imposed in the social network in 2014. Donald Sterling, then the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

In the eye of the storm for some Racist comments leaked to media, Sterling was banned for life in the NBA2.5 million and forced to sell the franchise.

racist statement Real Happened in a telephone conversation with a model of Hispanic origin Vivian Steviano In which the businessman reprimanded him for taking photographs with people. Black, which also includes legendary former player ‘Magic’ Johnson.

,Why do you take photos with minorities?Sterling asked Steviano of Mexican and black descent in the conversation.

“It bothers me that you associate with black people,” Sterling protested some of the photos on the model’s Instagram, Which he asked to develop an image of white or Latina, but not African-American.

“You can sleep with blacks, you can live with them, you can do whatever you want. What I ask is that you don’t promote this. And don’t bring them into my game,” he said.

The leaking of these racist comments caused a huge scandal in the NBA, Sterling was dropped from the league and Steve Ballmer became the new owner of the Clippers.

thorough investigation

In the case of Sarwar, The sanctions announced on Tuesday are the result of an NBA investigation. emerged from an ESPN report published in November 2021, which stated With more than 70 current and former Sarwar employees who accused him of racism and masculinity in a toxic work environment.

NBA investigation, which led to greater scrutiny 80,000 documents and who interviewed 320 people between employees and former employees, concluded that the server was used in At least five times serious racist insults against the Afro-American population.

The league also determined that server made many comments sexist and abusive Claims about women also involved in their “abusive” behavior “Screaming” and “Insulting” to its workers, given that “His conduct clearly violated normal work environment standards.”

“The claims and conduct described in the findings of this independent investigation are disturbing and disappointing”Adam Silver said in a statement when the approval was announced.

“I hope the NBA community will use this opportunity to reflect on what this great game means to the people. and strives to represent the values ​​of equality, respect and inclusion. On behalf of the entire NBA, I apologize to all those affected by this misconduct.”He added.

With this punishment, Sarwar will not be possible in any action of Sun or Mercury. Any role in the day-to-day operations of the franchisees for one year or both.

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