Kyrie Irving took advantage of the social network for her position on the pandemic and a dastardly accusation

The Covid-19 pandemic marked a before and after in countless issues. Lifestyle has changed in some aspects to such an extent that issues which were unimaginable earlier are now almost daily. Kyrie Irving, one of the stars of the NBA mentioned this topic and left a message that caused a stir on the social network. in the meantime America The end of the pandemic was declared.

As the wave of infection across the world has really started with high peaks, various public figures are taking their positions in the face of events. There were those who became staunch defenders of the vaccination system, while many others did visual rejection. The Brooklyn Nets are based in this second group.

The player was away from his team till the beginning of this year. The decision to not get vaccinated inspired him Net They isolated him and it was only in January that he was able to play the game. that although nba allowed him to be part of matches – albeit with strict protocols, especially for non-vaccinated players, the health officials New York He took a tough stand on the matter.


Irving, with the Nets.

Jason Szens / FE

No matter how marginalized the player was by his work commitments, he held on to his convictions and he achieved, with the passage of time and the reduction of cases—as well as social pressures—they allowed him to return to the courts. Because of all this situation, he became the ‘Anti-Vauna’ basketball player.

Irving’s strong message on the pandemic

This Tuesday, the basketball player decided to go ahead with his decision not to get vaccinated and posted a post that had a huge impact.

“If I can work and not be vaccinated, then all my brothers and sisters who have not been vaccinated should be able to do the same, without discrimination, marginalized or fired”, Irving began by saying.

And he added with particular emphasis: “This vaccine/forced epidemic is one of the greatest Human rights violations in history,

His post quickly went viral and reached over 2,000 retweets and over 14,500 likes. In addition, it became a topic of conversation among various users: many clarified that they did not agree with the NBA player’s way of thinking.

“What is this, Irving? The man thinks the pandemic was an invention”; “That is, you are the greatest schizophrenic the game industry has given, Kyrie Irving”; “Never Be Like Irving”There were some messages received for their publication.

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The United States decided the end of the pandemic for its territory

Joe BidenPresident of AmericaIn an interview on the CBS program 60 Minutes, said that “the pandemic is over.” In this sense, he explained: “We still have a problem with Covid. We are still working hard on this, but the pandemic is over. If you notice, no one is wearing a mask. Everyone seems to be in good shape. And so I think that’s changing.”

This statement joins with other world leaders in recent times. “We are not there yet, but the end of the pandemic is near,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, said last week.

According to the Johns University Hopkins data, since January 21, 2020 (the first infection in the United States), the country has recorded 95.6 million accumulated cases, with more than a million people dying from the disease.

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A case similar to Novak Djokovic, Kyrie Irving

The Serbian player had to lose a lot this season because of his loyal stance of not getting him vaccinated. He started the 2022 season as the No. 1 in the world and is now at No. 7 off the front page.

Since he was not vaccinated, he could not take part in the competition. Australian Open (He defended the title) He was also exiled after some discomfort with bureaucratic issues, due to country restrictions. Only at the end of February was he able to make his debut in Dubai, although by then it was too late and he had given up the leadership in the rankings.

He was able to come on the European Tour (he played in Roland Garros and Wimbledon, the most important tournament he won this year). and recently remembered US Open Precisely because he could not enter the United States. Firm in his decision, he is one of the few tennis players on the circuit who has not been vaccinated.

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