Javier Baez offers free meals to those affected by Hurricane Fiona

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Puerto Rican player Javier Baez took a break from his performance with the Detroit Tigers to show solidarity with his native Puerto Rico after the flooding and damage caused by Hurricane Fiona in his route through the country.

Baez, born in Baymon and belonging to the Detroit Tigers, expressed his support for his compatriots via his Instagram account.

Baez reacts to the agony that Puerto Rican families are experiencing because of the crisis of this atmospheric phenomenon that has dropped nearly 30 inches of rain and destroyed bridges, properties and even deaths .

“I know we’re going through something really tough, I’m with you. All the families that need a hot plate of food can stop by @taquizapr in Toa Baja and we’ll serve it up for FREE!!” Báez published on Monday. “If your community is affected and you need a hot meal, you can call 787-665-2323 (Joshua) or stop at @taquizapr and we will make all arrangements. Blessings to you all!”

Nicknamed El Mago, one of the best shortstops in the Beige Major. So far this season, the 29-year-old has been hitting .241 with 14 home runs and 58 RBI.

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