“It can be played today”: the Yeldefonso Sola Morales stadium has suffered minimal damage

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Caguas- left by heavy rain Hurricane Fiona Caguas represents a serious threat to the operations undertaken by the region. Yeldefonso Sola Morales Stadium for its complete reconstruction.

However, the home of the criollos of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League (LBPRC), which opened in 1948 and was left in dire straits when Hurricane Maria passed in 2017, suffered minimal damage.

The apprehensions were justified. About $5 million has been invested to restore the site through $3.9 million given by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and $1.2 million from municipal coffers.

,Can be played today. The outfield areas had a little more water than the rest, but it is in perfect condition. You mostly have to clean in the dugout. There was a lot of water in the park, but that’s okay. “The new Roberto Clemente mural remains intact,” said stadium manager Vilfredo “Cano” Velez.

“A report of what happened was made. Water entered the visiting clubhouse and flooded it, as well as a warehouse and laundry,” he said.

It is estimated that Hurricane Fiona hit Caguaso about 23 inches of rain during a period of 48 hours. Velez reported that other areas of the stadium also received a sufficient amount of water.

Several areas of Sola Morales received sufficient amounts of water.
Several areas of Sola Morales received sufficient amounts of water. (Carlos Gone)

“When we reached the park on Monday, the water level had dropped, but there was still some water in a power room. There is also a problem with the filter in the walls letting some of the water down. The canteens are fine”, said Velez, who explained that the VIP area is “fine” and that cleaning work will begin tomorrow, Wednesday.

Another project on the agenda will be highlighting some of the drains on the roof. However, it is expected that the Kriolos will return home for the next Professional Baseball League tournament which begins on November 4.

In previous statements, the LBPRC has indicated that it will inspect all facilities hosting league matches. Other stadiums where games are held are Paquito Montaner (Leóns de Ponce), Isidoro García (Indios de Mayagüez), Roberto Clemente Walker Stadium (Gigants de Carolina) and Hiram Bithorn Stadium (Cangrejeros de Santuras and RA 12).

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