He should demand a better presence in MLB

The Russian gentleman, who fought three times with Canelo Alvarez, is called Gunnady Guenadievich Golovkin. Because of that, one cannot seriously pronounce their initials, G…..G…G.

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Oscar Sanabria of Yaritagua asks: “Can team owners demand from their players a good presentation, head and face, and properly uniformed?”

Amigo Caro…: Of course they can and they should too. Yankees do. Other owners are busy counting billions.

Francisco Ramos of Hermosillo comments and asks…: “I agree with you. Vladimir Guerrero’s son, among other beauties, looks terrible with hair dyed in color, which unfortunately has spread to many players I saw a game in which a teenager batted like a player in his turn, and the young man also with his gold lock. How sad that the presence of these players is an example to be followed by the youth of today ! and a question: “Why name some Major League teams, for example, the Minnesota Twins?”

Amigo Paco: Twins are located in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Elsewhere they have held contests between fans who have decided on the name; In some cases, team owners have set them up to their liking; And journalists have contributed as well, for example with the name of the Yankees.

Montreal’s Ennio Minarini says: “The protest against the commissioner, which was proposed by a reader, sounds good, but I don’t think it will be supported by the players, however, the pitcher who is already protesting, not the pitcher. Not by the owners, nor by the players union. The commissioner is improving the business of baseball and it’s a fit for all. The commissioner isn’t trying to improve baseball. As the saying goes: the dog dances for the money It’s sad but true!”.

Carlos Gonzalez of Barquisimeto asks: “One day you will be able to broadcast again with Cardenales de Lara, and what is your team in Venezuela?

Come on friend: I will not return to the Venerable Cardenales de Lara. I told him about the same championship and he kicked me out. I think I was a colossal failure. And I don’t have a favorite team in Venezuela or anywhere else.

Thank you for the life that has given me so much, even to a reader like you.

Attention.- You can read the collection of “Juan Vene en la Pelota” on the Internet, “The game reunites us.

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