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Great Britain makes baseball history and manages to get its ticket to the group stage of the 2023 World Classic, After defeating Spain in the final game by a score of 10-9 in 10 innings at the Armin-Wulf Baseball Arena Stadium in Germany.

There was a potential Harry Ford of the Seattle Mariners, a figure on the British side, As first bat he went 2-5 with home runs in the first chapter and three RBIs.

However, it was Alex Crosby who hit a sacrificial fly into left field that he took advantage of with Matt Koperniak scored the third goal and registered the win.

Spain vs Great Britain WBC

Two great prospects were part of the European teams. Photo: WBC

The win went to reliever Tehnaaz Thomas, who played a non-scoring innings, while Rainer Cruz lost two runs with a third in a chapter.

Will be part of the British team Group A in Taichung, Taiwan, where they will play against Taiwan, Netherlands, Cuba and Italy From 8th March to 13th March next of the same month.

second ticket

It will be known this Wednesday who will be the second class in Europe, it will be defined in the winner of the beach game Spain and the Czech Republic, who advance, will be in Group B of the event, where they will be shared with Australia, Japan, China and Korea at the Tokyo Dome.

two tickets left

There are still two blank tickets that will be defined for the tie in Panama, where Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama and New Zealand have teams.

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