From the power of Gobert to the genius of Fournier

France arrived at EuroBasket 2022 As one of the most powerful teams to ever set foot in a tournament of this magnitude in modern basketball. Most analysts gave the French team as great favorites before starting the competition even above the defending champions. Doncic’s SloveniaOf Antetokounmpo’s Greece either Serbia by Nikola Jokic,

Now, they are all history and France being able to show themselves as a chameleon team has managed to make it to the finals. team of Vincent Colette the one who drowned before turkey And Italycloser to going home with the slightest chance of saving himself, than the person who ran over him ponitka poland With the biggest exhibition called a . remembered in the semi-finals of europeanAt least as far as the marker is concerned.

The Gauls have become the last obstacle that Spain of scariolo To win the fourth EuroBasket in its history. The gold medal is close, but ahead will be this team’s toughest opponent ever. The claim made by the national team is unique, but it is also true that neither Lithuanianor Finland nor Germany They can be compared to this France.

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Collette’s team can be said to orbit two of its massive stars, Rudy Goberte You Ivan Fournier, However, it is much more than that. This is a team that can compete well in the NBA, not only because many of the players come from the best leagues in the world, but also because it has been able to bring together one of the best generations of recent decades to name a few. is enabled. references in Europe guerschon yabuseleleader of real madrid basketball,

Yabusel celebrates France's pass in EuroBasket final

Yabusel celebrates France’s pass in EuroBasket final


an nba team

There are 12 players in France’s squad for this EuroBasket. Four of them play in the NBA. And one of them is considered one of the best centers in the world. At least as far as the defensive aspect is concerned. Rudy Gobert is a reference to this team for his talent, for his ability to intimidate, for his infinite arms and because with his 2.15 height, he has nothing more to do than stay on top.

Gaul is with Willie Hernangomez, a clear candidate for making the best quintet’s interior pairing in the championship. Rudy Gobert touches everything that flies in the field, whether it’s an offense or a defense. 30 year old players Minnesota Timberwolves He is in the best moment of his playing career after spending years in the best league in the world without establishing himself.

Gobert is now a much more powerful, muscular and agile player. That’s why its price has skyrocketed. At EuroBasket he averaged a double-double of 13 points and 10 rebounds. He almost never drops below 20 minutes per game. He did the same against Poland when everything was resolved at the end of the first half. He is curbing a decent EuroBasket in terms of offensive levels with three games on the 20-point limit. However, it has an Achilles heel success percentage. For a player who plays very close to the rim and usually with a big lead, he misses more than he should.

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On the other hand, he has domination on the heights. He has scored double points in the rebounding aspect in four matches and is at the top of 17. A real barbarity. In addition, he is a very important source of second chances with about three offensive rebounds per game. Turkey and Bosnia took up to seven. A real bloodbath for rivals and a guarantee for your team. Defending Willie to amplify his mistakes would be crucial for a player who has close to 19 valuation credits per game.

The other three pieces that came from the NBA: Ivan Fournier, luvavu-cabarot You theo maldon, new York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks You Oklahoma City Thunder respectively. An unbroken scorer who relies heavily on his stripes, but whose hand doesn’t move to throw himself into the shoe. An all-terrain base is capable of playing an entire team and defending anyone who comes in front of it. And one of the young rising stars of this team at just 21 years old.

Fournier is the main offensive threat for this team, averaging over 14 points per game. However, with Gobert, his main obstacle lies in the poor shooting percentage that he has. He has been reliable neither from inside nor outside the perimeter, where he hits just two triples per game. Also, he doesn’t have a good free throw percentage. All in all though, the final may have its glory day.

Ivan Fournier regrets after failure

Ivan Fournier regrets after failure


real madrid seal

This France not only feeds the talent that comes from the NBA. One of its main sources is, curiously, a Spanish team like real madrid, There are three players who have gone through the ranks of the white team this season and have helped them win the title. Endesa League, one of them will not continue, Thomas Hertel, The other two are called references, guerschon yabusele You Vincent Poirier,

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The wayward French point guard has shown himself to be a perfect figure of Guadiana at EuroBasket throughout his career. Appears and disappears. Don’t look for him when he’s not there because he won’t be able to produce. But when he is motivated he is capable of breaking any game. And those different forms of themselves are capable of showing them in a single encounter. Or even in the same room. You can throw all the balls that come to you without success or play this constellation of stars like angels.

So far he averages around 10 points and 7 assists per game. Quite a remarkable number. His explosion took place in the quarter-final match against Italy, where he disarmed the selection in a spectacular extension. Gianmarco Pozzeco, He went up to 20 points and 8 assists with four triples. The outside shot is where he is most reliable with about 50% of his shots.

Hartel is genius and Yabusele is perseverance and physical enthusiasm. This is a train. A cyclone capable of passing in front of anyone. Now he is still in Europe, but there is a high probability that the next competition he will play is with France, 2023 world cup And this 2024 Paris OlympicsI dispute him coming from the NBA.

Despite the 2.04 height, the Real Madrid power forward has become an element capable of breaking down attacks and defences. He has a good hand from the outside, a great deal of power to penetrate and take extra shots and is also an expert when it comes to loading rebounds. When it is placed on the post, there is no one to move it as it absorbs all the contacts and makes them its own. And with France it is increasing as the Games have passed. He averages 15 points and 4 rebounds per game and is embroiling it in shooting, with a 57% success rate from two shots and a 52% success rate from three pointers. His best game came in the semi-final against Poland with 22 points in 23 minutes.

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The list of madridists closes Vincent Poirier. The Real Madrid center has a similar situation in France as it lives in the white dressing room. if you have Tavares, here is Gobert. Two towers that cover his dirty work, which is not the flashing, but the key. Their combination in paint is necessary to enable wolves. Along with this, he has also formed a very good partnership with other centers of the team, fail, There is an inner game between these three which is scary. Poirier is one of those elements that can judge a game without anyone noticing and in the least expected moment.

Poirier celebrates a basket with a fall against Poland

Poirier celebrates a basket with a fall against Poland


Colette’s hand

Vincent Colette is one of the great classics of French basketball. In his honor he has to be the most successful coach in the country’s history, thanks to the six medals he won during his time on the bench. Like Scariolo, he also links the national team with his work during the season. In your case metropolis 92,

He has been on the French team since 2009 and has a curious relationship with the Spain coach. Colette has already made history with France by guiding them to EuroBasket gold in 2013, which they have won to date in a tournament played in Ljubljana. Just before and just after that success, Scariolo led Spain to two gold medals. And in that 2013 edition, the bronze side, within that unblemished streak of top four appearances that has been maintained since 1999.

Now, a historic France, who has accumulated nine medals at EuroBasket for 13 near Spain, wants its second title with a truly powerful generation. They were continental bronze in 2015, world bronze in 2019, Olympic silver in 2021 and now, in 2022, they are back in the ultimate dream of touching that coveted gold.

Colette’s hand has been seen in the impressive progress of this team, but also in the structure of their roster. in condition for albc In the base position, which came after overcoming a knee injury, in the body which prints the height stuff such as okobos either m’bay and talent like that in taste tarpi, So is France that gets in the way of Spain in this exciting last battle for EuroBasket.

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