from Pau Gasol to Calderon

Throughout the history of Spanish basketball, the total 18 players have played in the NBA, with ferdinand martin as a leader and aldama You Garuba Like the latest additions, the Spanish have made their way to great success in the best leagues in the world. Their careers have been very different from each other and so have their respective salaries. Here are the ten Spanish players who made the most money in their years playing in the NBA,

First Pau Gasol – $225 million

Spanish Center 1 . played for8 seasons in the NBA Securing two NBA rings with the Los Angeles Lakers. Being a six-time All-Star and Rookie of the Year in the 2001/02 season, Pau Gasol earned a total of 225 crores dollars during his NBA career. This figure places him in the highest box in this section.

Second Marc Gasol $185 million

Marc Gasol occupies the second place in this ranking, His $185 million earned over his thirteen seasons in the NBA ranked him as a player with great individual and collective success. you have in your locker One NBA Ring, One Defender of the Year Award, and Three All-Stars, he is currently playing basketball fall,

Third Surge Ibaka $139 million

The stage is completed by Serge Ibaka, The Spaniard, who is currently a player for the Michigan Bucks, has won $139 million after playing for five different teams, A year after winning the ring, Ibaka earned a total of 23 million in the 2019/20 season. An economic amount that will continue to grow.

Fourth Ricky Rubio $122 million

At the age of 31, Ricky Rubio has earned a total of $122 million in 11 seasons of the NBA. His salary during his career has averaged around 14 million but this year he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers for three years and 18 million.

5th Jose Manuel Calderon – $85 million

The man from Extremadura has achieved a total 85 million dollars in his 14 years in the NBA. their 8.9 points and 5.8 assists On an average during his career, he has always been regarded as a useful player for the franchise he has played for. today he works as Cleveland Cavaliers Advisor,

Sixth Nikola Mirotic $41 million

The FC Barcelona player has managed to amass a total of 41 million in his five years in the NBA. After playing for the Bulls, Pelicans and Bucks, the Spaniard will end his North American adventure and return to Europe. Still, he is in sixth place in this ranking.

7th Juancho Hernangomez $21 million

Hernangomez’s youngest has already won 21 million in six seasons in the NBA. There have been many teams in his way but there is no doubt that at 26, he has many years left in the best league in the world.

8th Alex Abrins $15 million

The FC Barcelona player played three seasons at the Oklahoma City Thunder where he earned $15 million. For personal reasons, he decided to end his career in the NBA but at the age of 29

9th Sergio Rodriguez – $12.6 million

In his two tours in the NBA, the Canarian point guard earned 12.6 million playing for the Blazers, Kings, Knicks and Sixers. This summer he has re-signed for the Real Madrid basketball team.

10th Jorge Garbajosa $12.1 million

The President of the Spanish Basketball Federation earned 12.1 million in his two years playing for the Toronto Raptors.

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