Former NBA daughter brutally assaults opponent during basketball game [VIDEO]

Competition It will always be present in sports. Actually, no match or matchup is ready to be lost. However, some take these fights personally to bring out their true personality.

The same thing happened during a game of Basketball of lower categories. One of the players decided to listen to his mother and attacked the opponent of his team.

they kicked him out

it was november 2021 And Mrs. Alice Haim went on to watch her daughter’s play in the lower tiers, without thinking she was going to be the victim of an attack that caused her to be knocked out by an opponent who turned out to be the daughter of NBA player Corey Benjamin. ,

“There’s absolutely no excuse for doing something like this in basketball, I don’t care Famous You will be! This mom told her daughter to “kill her” and punched my daughter without punching her provocation, I’m sorry, but that’s all that’s wrong with the game. teen, The girl and her mother showed no remorse at all and made no apologies. The grassroots game needs to change,” Alice said as she showed Video Why aggression?

mother accused

Tina Hunt was woman Who encouraged his daughter to kill her opponent in a match played in Garden Grobe, California. was condemned and will be Guilty Of two offences: battery and contributing to the offense of a minor. hunt, who could face a Sentence maximum one year in prison, he must pay the victim $9,000 and write the letter apologies Everyone involved in the game. Likewise, she will not be able to come close to her daughter and will have to attend anger management courses.

On the other hand, former basketball player Corey Benjamin took to the media to apologize for the violent feedback of his daughter to the rival player.

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