Fiona’s Route Delays Remodeling of Paquito Montaner Stadium in Ponce and Will Be a “Photo Finish” for Winter Baseball

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Although there was some damage to the Francisco “Paquito” Montaner Stadium at speeds in excess of 100 mph that were reported during the passage of Hurricane Fiona in Ponce, it is expected that no significant delays in the remodeling of the facility Won’t happen. Lyons de Ponce returns to the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League (LBPRC).

The Lions return to the Winter Baseball League this year after being absent for the past eight seasons. And when ‘playball’ is sung with the Mayaguez Indians’ visit to Ponce on 5 November, Exactly eight years and 10 months would have passed since the 2013–2014 season saw Ciudad Senorial fans in the back row having seen professional baseball.

Engineer Oscar Misla, owner of the Resurgent franchise, with his family—including his brother and National Superior Basketball Lions (BSN) manager Gerardo Misla—admitted in an interview new day That delays in Montaner’s rebuilding work have already had the effect of the storm’s passage, but he is confident that his team can get the stadium ready in time for the opening day.

“We are because they deliver us late (the remodeled stadium), but of course, the processes have been restructured and there is an action plan, so that they give us a ‘photo finish’ and so that we can do the inauguration” , Misla clarified this diary saying that By saying late, this refers to the fact that they will lose a grace week that they had between the original date of the end of the work and the start of the campaign.

The lack of electricity and drinking water as a result of the storm made it impossible to continue work this week. Misla said he had already toured the stadium, and offered a brief description of the damage, but also offered some key dates for the ongoing work from next week, as well as adding grass, blackboards and fencing to the gardens. is of. ,

“I went to see the stadium and you don’t see any obvious effect other than the things that were already being removed. For example, In the press box, an area used by the local team and the mayor, those crystals were blown up. There are also electronics (controls) of the board. But it was being removed because it had been damaged since Hurricane Maria.”

Misla acknowledged that in addition to the most recent atmospheric event of the weekend, Montaner had already seen delays in its work due to factors involving the bureaucracy of the construction processes.

Ponce Lions, after the 2013–2014 campaign, went on hiatus for two seasons under the administration of previous owner Antonio Muoz and his family. The franchise eventually disappeared when the LBPRC approved its transfer to Aguadilla. But after playing in 2016–2017, the Sharks project was a failure that lasted for one season under the command of owner Israel Roldan.

Now as a new franchise, the league will again have six teams as in its heyday. Along with the Lions, the defending champions will be Criolos de Caguas, Congrejeros de Santuras, Indios de Mayaguez, Gigantes de Carolina and RA12.

The Lions franchise holder stated that there was a direct damage to the ceiling treatment of the park’s stands, so the situation would have to be rectified temporarily while funding is made available for reconstruction.

Important Dates in Reconstruction

“The grass is shipped on September 29 and arrives on October 7. It takes two weeks to establish”, said Misla, who said that despite the torrential rains associated with the storm, the land did not suffer major consequences. And this is because after the grass has established and prepared the ground. Whatever fill was used in the stadium for the works piles up as a mound, which encourages the rapid draining of excess water and the timely drying of the land when you go to work in that area.

The Montaner grass will be artificial again, said Misla, who expects work to resume on Monday. Tomorrow on Thursday, they will hold a meeting to review the action plan.

“I’m still very confident that this will be over. When the grass comes, and when the fence being produced at the factory is given to us, you’ll have to work dual shifts at some point. The existing screens were removed this Thursday. one, and the other leaves the port on September 24 and arrives on October 2. It takes about a week to prepare.”

Mishra said that he is aware that he is against the clock and acknowledged that the whole situation in ticket sales for season ticket holders has affected him, but added that he has made direct communication with the fan base of the BSN Lions team. is maintained. Plan the action first hand so that they commit to baseball as well.

They promise a perfect experience in the park

The engineer and businessman pointed out that the Baseball Lions come up with completely innovative ideas with respect to local leagues when it comes to stadium offerings during games.

In that sense, he said that in addition to the installation of grass, new slates and remodeling of other areas, it is important to have the product ready that will be offered to fans. He stated that his intention is to attract a youth segment of fanatics, who are currently disconnected for obvious reasons of absence from baseball in the Pearl of the South for nearly nine years.

“There is work to create space for providing services. We will have baby care, laundry to pick up and next day delivery, nail salon, barber shop for ladies and gentlemen”, elaborated Misla, who said it is a Creole version of what happens in the United States in the great stadiums of the Major Leagues, offering countless activities that run the equivalent of a baseball game.

“Ponce is a university town and has a good social life. I need those college kids to go to the games. There’s going to be a pub area with disc jockey music. Having other food offers like paella, pizza, assai.” Going… because there are young people, whom I want them to go to, who don’t eat fried food”, he specified. “I want them to find their food. In that area of ​​the pub there are going to be different cocktails that are not typical, such as a ‘Cuban Libre’, a beer and a soft drink. I’m changing the menu… putting the screen on it, to create a different experience, because I’m interested in going young. The same ones who come to me in basketball, those who come to me in baseball,” he said of his vision.

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