Eurobasket 2022: France’s bitter silver story: “Spain had never played at this level”

Cas is well known, In the EuroBasket 2022 final, France fell strongly against a Spaniard who achieved the impossible. Total ecstasy over an achievement equal to the greatest, on the winner’s side Closes in at a great party at the Wijink Center in Madrid. In the loser, total and complete bitterness which is unlike the first bars of the tournament.

Nicolas Batum, who is a regular in ‘Blus’ but is absent from EuroBasket 2022, said on his Twitter that “France, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Germany at home, Lithuania and Croatia” were the favorites in the tournament preview. He ‘forgot’ about Spain, something the Honorable told him at the end of the tournament, with a strained relationship growing over the years – something that was evidenced by the French team’s Twitter in a previous one-.

That ‘forgetfulness’ of Spain is an anecdote, although it appears to attract attention when analyzed with Vincent Colette’s speech at the end of EuroBasket. ,I’m disappointed. Spain had never played in this competition at this level”, remarked the great French coach at the final press conference. Curious, obviously, when in his ‘head to head’ against Sergio Scariolo in qualifying matches it is 0-6 in favor of the Brescia coach.

And in the final, Scariolo and his board wiped out France’s efforts. For example, allowing Gobert to build and fail (he scored six points in the finals and his ‘haters’ are quick to remember that his NBA salary is $38 million), or assign that role to Yabuselle. The handing, which would be erratic the moment after it boiled over (zero triples scored) or ended with a Hertel who became even desperate with the referee.

“We played a great game,” Colette remarked at a later press conference. “It’s not enough to be thorough or firm, and you have to have all the qualities against a team that was exceptional,” he said. France, as it is also known, ended up leaving the park. Mercedes-Benz Arena handing out trophies and medals to their rivals in the final.

Colette and the future of France

Beyond Colette’s lack of self-criticism, The French coach won his seventh medal at EuroBasket (one European gold, two European and one Olympic silver, and two World bronze), And he is the second French coach with the best win percentage of all time. Of course, it’s still fully discussed, though it doesn’t look like its future is in question.

France will face the upcoming championship with a team that already has the star addition of Cameroonian-born PVT, Joel Embiid, or one of the new unicorns of the game of basketry, Victor Vembanyama. 1 in the NBA Draft in 2023 due to his impressive athletic qualities.

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