Don Mario to LA VOZ – La Voz de la Frontera. Be informed about baseball by reading

in the framework of 59th anniversary of voice out of boundsThis publishing house celebrates the possibility of continuing to inform its readers, highlights history of one of longest followersMr. Mario Raya Amadorwho is a sports lover and fan of the team Eagles of Mexico,

from don mario 55 years ago began to collect the most important information that is documented in publishing bodySegregated by topics of interest, most important is sports information and everything related to the baseball team in this city.

since 1968 He started his collection and since then, he has followed the good and bad news affecting Mexicali and the world.

One of the news that affected him the most, he recalls, was when a victory was announced for the winged team, beating Tomateros de Culiacán, which was reported in 1995.

At the time, Roberto García Le was in charge of chronicling the game and photographer Jaime Frere illustrated how Aguilas de Mexicali defeated Tomatoros.

With that victory, according to the text, in a game at the grounds of Ciudad Deportiva de Mexicali, the winged won 6 races and the Culiacans won only 4.

“With this win, the Eagles equalize the series to one win per side and, as of tomorrow, hostilities will resume at the General ngel Flores Stadium in Culiacan,” the note noted.

Mr. Mario proudly shows off his great collection of clippings, who admitted that thanks to these he managed to meet many important people, in a way that allowed him to greet pitcher Fernando Valenzuela.

He recalls that one day he was outside the Eagles’ offices when suddenly he saw her leaving, causing him to speak and shout “I have all your clippings”, although Valenzuela ignored him.

A few seconds later, Don Mario began to shout “I have your wedding clippings” and that’s when he caught his attention and Valenzuela returned to congratulate him.

This experience allowed him to take a picture with the famous pitcher.

For Don Mario, being an avid reader of the news has allowed him to lead a more interesting life and, at the same time, reveal to the world an extensive collection of journalistic information as well as other antiquities. .

“Everything is important, I’ve cut it out,” said the man who is a history buff.

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