Dennis Schroder signed with Los Angeles Lakers

nba Will return in October to excite all fans of the “Orange Ball” with the best basketball players in the world, which directors of various franchises are already looking for. new hires For to strengthen for your templates.

Los Angeles Lakers One of the most representative teams in the American League to have won Title 17 with history. Unfortunately, the past few years have not been the best due to a series of Sports injuries The campus has suffered as a result.

Los Angeles team signed lebron james already in 2018 Anthony Davis In 2019, that led the California team to the NBA Championship in 2020. In the next two seasons, Davis suffering from various physical problems, being one of them low The most important of the template. In addition, the reinforcements that have been signed have not performed at their best, hence the team’s performance has declined.

The Lakers introduced the player through their social networks. Photo: Twitter @Lakers

to face 2022-2023 seasonlakers they hired For an old acquaintance, the point keeper Dennis Schroeder, The point guard competed with the “Purple and Yellow” team in 2020–2021, being one of the team’s most outstanding players, for which the club offered him a contract extension, but Skoder decided to try his luck with the Lakers. refused to continue. Feather free agency, Two years later, the team returned from the German capital. california To show all your talent.

Comes from a great performance at point guard EuroBasket 2022where he led Germany until semi final, Schroeder’s average 21.6 points In the tournament, being one of the best scorers of the competition.

The point guard had a stellar performance at EuroBasket 2022.  Photo: EF Philip Singer

The point guard had a stellar performance at EuroBasket 2022. Photo: FE Philip Singer

lakers Too they hired Even then new coach for the next season. is about Darwinham, Who has long experience as an assistant coach, dealing with the benches of the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks.

we could be one as proposed Bring Skodar, as they have known each other since his time hawks, According to sports journalist Shams ChariaThe point guard signed a contract for one year and his salary would be $2.6 million.

owner announced incorporation los angeles painting with a publication Which he made on his social network. Dennis posted a few photos in Lakers gear and wrote, “I’m going back to the best franchise in the world to do well. I hope the fans support me every day because I’m going to give my everything every day “

of the 2022-2023 season nba Starting Tuesday, 18 October, the participating teams will do their best to qualify for the qualifying stage. playoffs And thus be able to fight for the coveted title.

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