Chihuahua capital out of places for national baseball – El Sol de Parrali

The large state capital was omitted from the venues of the first Force Baseball National Championships to be held in the south central region of Chihuahua.

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“The venues will be: Mayoqui’s Municipal Stadium, Great Delicious Stadium, the same city’s Intercolonial Park and Carlos ‘Chale’ Carrasco de Sausillo”, said Daniel “Chito” Ceresares, president of the State Baseball League. Interview for El Heraldo de Chihuahua.

The capital of Chihuahua, despite the great organizing power of the championship this year, was not considered to have received a match from the king of the sport.

“Two of the 16 states said they could not participate in the tournament, however, we are awaiting approval from the Mexican Baseball Federation to invite two other entities that could not register in time, we will confirm today.” Whether it is played with 14 or 16 teams ”Ceresares pointed out.

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Chihuahua, probable venue if all 16 teams will participate?

“Certainly not, because of the proximity, if it is done with such a number of participants, the alternative would be Alonso Ronquillo, from Camargo, this is something we will announce in the next few days”, sentenced “Chito” .

Some teams from other states are already concentrated in their various camps, not the case led by Javier Morales, who will have to wait to meet in the cotton lands.

“The players have their own commitments, each one is in different parts of the country or state, in our case we can’t assemble the players even a week before, we hope that three days before the start of the championship they all concentrate are”, he concluded. Daniel Cereseres.

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This will be the first of October the opening game of the national fair at the Gran Estadio Delicios, where fans from the big state and the central-south region in particular are expected to have a great response.


Dorados will try to support their national champion title last year.

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