Batbox offers a new way to experience the game with StrikeZone Baseball Simulator


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Baseball is a sport with a long history in our country.

However, it becomes more difficult to practice it.

This is because there is not enough space for children, youth or adults to come together to play.

To solve this problem, the Monterrey Company side sports Made a business agreement with the pioneers and leaders of the sports entertainment industry – GolfZone.

And that’s how the world’s best baseball simulators arrived in Mexico and Latin America.

Learn about some of the main features of StrikeZone Baseball Simulator:

  • A maximum of 18 people can play in a single cabin.
  • It allows you to choose between 5 different game modes.
  • You can customize the difficulty level to compete in a better way.
  • They have ultra-high-speed sensors that accurately detect the ball’s speed and actual trajectory.
  • Screen auto launch, HD graphics and ambient stadium sound ensure a real gaming experience.
  • Its hardware and software provide a real and fun gaming experience.
  • They are part of the GolfZone family, which has been recognized for 5 years in a row for being the best premium simulators in the world.

This Incredible Technology Is Available to Everyone batbox,

We are talking about a unique concept that brings together live sports, baseball simulators, first class facilities, a great atmosphere, gastronomy and mixology, all in one place.

batbox Offers a new way to experience baseball that is suitable for all types of people.

With StrikeZone, if your batting or pitching isn’t perfect at first, you can learn the game from scratch, with family and friends, in a fun and interactive way, without any embarrassment.

And if you already know how to play, StrikeZone Baseball Simulators will help you raise your level even more

Don’t think anymore!

meeting batbox And enjoy playing baseball like you never imagined.

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