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Before ending his morning convention at the National Palace this Tuesday, President Andres Manuel López Obrador said he stayed until the “seventh inning” when the Yucatán Lions defeated the Sultans to be crowned champions of the league Mexican Baseball’s King Series. Gone. De Monterrey.

In the Treasury Room, López Obrador hugged all the players, directors and fans of Leones y Sultans, especially the Monterrey team director, businessman Francisco González.

,I couldn’t take it any longer until the seventh inning and I think they were 6-0. They were 6-1, yes there was a race later because I had two men on base and the fourth bat came from Yucatán, from Lyon; And say no to that ball, he hit a home run and I can’t stand it anymore because you have to stop early but I was so happy”, said President López Obrador.

He recalled that about 15 days ago he had gone to monitor the progress in the construction of the Mayan train and was playing the role of the Lions-Sultan.

,And the manager, the owner, the director went to see me, because they know I was supervised by a baseball (…) Maya train and there was Governor Villa (Yucatan); I also tell him, ‘Take a photo because I’m going to bring you luck, I’m going to do well’,

,How good, how well, how well that baseball, soccer, basketball, athletics, all sports, and not just professional or high-performance sports, but we all have to continue to exercise, it’s preventive medicine.,

,It is very good for us, we have to try to walk, exercise the body, it is a physical problem but also mental, it helps a lot to strengthen rationally and spiritually, sports”, expressed López Obrador.

Source: L Universal

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