Alicante Startup New Department takes new steps in the United States: agreements with firms and the NBA

Alicante. start up Alicante Special e-commerce new department polarized sunglasses The United States has managed to add new steps, If in 2021 it was already starting to collaborate with big brands or athletes in the country, then now The NBA team has a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, In addition, he has collaborated with start up
longer, aimed at sports media and sports fans of Generation Z. Thus, they distribute original sports content on social networks and sell clothing with their logo and brand. On this occasion the new department has action
digital With this American firm.

Work done directly with the company that trains future NBA promises and has many investors Jeff Bezossinger Drake, Pau Gasolo and other American sports stars. Thus, with this official association they have acted on social networks such as TIC Toc either instagram,

In addition, they organize the first hybrid program as Prise above Tracing even in the city of Barcelona There are plans to start operations in several countries in Europe and the United States,

CEO and Founder of start up Alicante, Entrepreneur Alberto Zurano, plans to become a benchmark in this area “in a few years”. They have gone from a team led only by Zurano to eleven teammates, in less than five months.

new round of investment

last months of work They have raised a round of 200,000 euros and are working to close another big And within the investment group with which they find themselves, the founder and former CEO of Planeta Huerto is joined, Alfonso Sanchez,

Company, which now . is located in alda-First in Aguamarg Estate,In February 2021, it received EUR 4,000 in the pre-seed phase and 12,000 EUR in two rounds, in June 2021, in the same phase, ahead of the launch of the firm. Later, he added another in August, with new investments of €24,000 and €20,000.

stood a year ago in the top 20 of start up Spanish Further entry within the fashion sector top 100 list ecommerce startup Spain and Europe, It was also the second fashion brand in the country integrate payments with Bitcoin Through a deal with CoinbaseA leader in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Its creator started the project in February 2020 from the city of Alicante e-commerce their sunglasses collection, In the fall of 2020 they sought a factory and materials to release their designs and, after development in the first months of 2021, production began in March and April and, since May, the arrival of the sunglasses in their warehouse. With this, he finalized the launch. Of start up,

In the past few months they have made new strides by increasing their funding and plan to leapfrog to new collaborations and implementation in new countries.

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